European Officials Meet with the Head of AEOI's National Regulatory Authority

May 13, 2018

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

-On 4th of May, a high-ranking European nuclear safety delegation composed of Mr. Pascal Daures , head of European Union Commission on nuclear safety and Mr. Boyan Tomic, head of (ENCO) co. and accompanying delegation met Dr. H. Salehi, Iranian National Regulatory Authority head (INRA) and discussed a number of mutual interest issues.

-This encounter covered the implementation trend of the first project for the promotion of INRA's safety capabilities which is being performed by the (ENCO) co with the E.U financing. Following a visit paid last July by the head of the European Union Commission on Nuclear Safety and Security to Iran, the first project for joint technical cooperation with (INRA) practically entered the operation phase. The project will last 3 and half years and its objective is to elevate INRA's safety capacities in various areas such as the establishment of a nuclear safety center, promotion of monitoring framework, assessment cooperation regarding measuring strength resistance tests in Bushehr power plant as well as offering specialized training activities.

Other areas of cooperation include completion of a feasibility plan for the establishment of a nuclear safety center in Iran and provision of INRA needs for measuring the Bushehr power plant's strength resistance testing. The activities of the EU Commission on Nuclear Safety and Security are defined within the Euroatom programme providing technical and scientific support to EU policies in nuclear safety, security and radiation protection and carries out education, training and information activities in this field.