Gas Feeding of the 30 Intermediate Chain of IR6 Started in Natanz Complex

November 9, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

On/Nov/4, the ceremonies commencing the process for gas feeding the intermediate chain of new, advanced IR6 centrifuges machinery and subsequent enrichment, began in the Martyr Ahmadi Roshan nuclear complex at Natanz with the presence of Dr. A.Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head and the participation of numerous top media representatives and reporters. Dr. Salehi, referring to the concurrence of Nov/4 date Martyrs with the announcement of this new advanced nuclear industry achievements, declared this day as a promising sign, and stated that the heroic personnel of AEOI who are the devotees of progress and science will continue the sacrifice paid by the martyrs and in the complex challenges faced with the western world will not impede the righteousness way it has followed so far.

Dr. Salehi further elaborated on the scientific aspects of the IR6 30 chain centrifuge machinery as the following:

In this complex, termed as S8, various machinery systems undergo testing such as mechanical stabilization and process testing and moved to the centrifuges main location.

The number of the installed new generation centrifuges is 15 which is a great achievement.

It should be noted that the system was constantly functional. Otherwise, during a 2 month period more than 2660 (SWU) could not be added to the operating 6000 (SWU), reaching 8660.

The rate of the enriched uranium production which prior to the implementation of (step 3) was around 480gr per day, afterwards has reached 5000 gr per day.

In another words, it has been increased by 10 times which happened during the 2 holy months of Moharram and Safar.

Dr. Salehi while appreciating the struggle of the AEOI 15/000 personnel in having access to such achievements further added that:

Today we witness 3 occasions, namely, 30 intermediate chain of IR6 gas feeding opening. Before we had 20 chain of IR6 which was installed on Apr/9 and prior to that we possessed a 10 chain system as well. At present we have around 60 IR6 centrifuges, each one with a 10 (SWU) enrichment capacity. This means 6000 additional (SWU) capacity.

It was not supposed to have, at present, a 30 chain system. Upon completing required tests on the 20 chain system, we were supposed to perform the 30-chain task upon 3 to 4 years afterwards. But facing the ongoing political challenges, the highest senior authorities required carrying on this task and demonstrating the will power of the Islamic republic to carry on its duties rapidly.

The experts, foreign news media and masters of this technology are aware of the great achievement we have performed.