Head of NPPD Remarks on Bushehr Plant Operations

May 6, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Dr. M. Ahmadian, AEOI deputy and head of the Nuclear Power Production and Development co. (NPPD) in recent remarks elaborated on the Bushehr power plant maintenance, repair and fuel replacement operations as the following:

Bushehr plant unit one planned repair processing and fuel replacement which began on last February culminated, with the relentless efforts of the unit's personnel, few days ahead of the schedule, and on Apr/29 through connecting with the countries national electricity power network, resumed relevant production, A noticeable number of Iranian technical companies were active in these operations in order to maximize benefiting from domestic capabilities. The provision of some accessories and spare parts, as well as repair work, was performed by the Russian contractor.

Dr. Ahmadian, with regard to the activities of the only nuclear electricity power plant in the Middle East further added that:

If necessary financial appropriation is provided, then, a major part of the needed spare parts are manufactured domestically and, consequently reduce foreign currency related repair costs.

Commercial utilization of the power plant's unit initiated since Oct/2013. As a result, this power plant, so far, has produced more than 35 billion KW electricity energy hour output.

The operation of the plant has, until now, prevented the diffusion of more than 32 million tons of environmental pollutants and has saved the consumption of equivalent of around 56 million crude oil barrels or around nine and a half cubic meter billions of natural gas.

The Bushehr power plant has in the past year provided for 2 and two-tenth of the entire national electrical energy and in the current year the load factor was around 83 percent.