IAEA acting Director General meets Dr. A. Salehi

September 11, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

On/8/Sep, Mr. Cornel Feruta, the acting Director General of IAEA met Dr. Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head, and while discussing the relevant bilateral issues, they jointly participated in a press briefing later on. Mr. Feruta, during the talks, indicated that the agency will continue its impartial, professional and independent trend to maintain its credibility. He further clarified that the agency will not tolerate outside pressure. He emphasized that the agency, on one hand, carries the responsibility of JCPOA verification and, on the other hand, is involved in active cooperation with Iran for implementation of the additional protocol and comprehensive safeguard agreement.

He further added that IAEA is eager to extend present cooperation with Iran and is ready to perform its expert professional, neutral functions. Mr. Feruta also emphasized on observing the timing of the relevant projects and the importance of meeting other high ranking officials. Dr. Salehi, on his turn, while welcoming Mr. Feruta's visit to Iran as a positive gesture, stated the following remarkable points: Upon the detailed talks which were held, the cooperation trends with the agency were reviewed, particularly the development occurred following the U.S exit from the JCPOA and its negative implications on the deal's signatories and their respective commitments. The European Union was supposed to fill the vacancy created by the U.S exist through replacing it, but unfortunately, despite the promises made, this did not materialize. I have even heard that the E.U spokesman stated that the union will remain committed to the deal as long as Iran does the same. This is rather surprising. The question is what does Europe adhere to? Is it to non-adherence? If so, we share this opinion. Unfortunately, the Europeans have behaved in this manner.

Considering the good will and intention demonstrated by Iran, the JCPOA deal was concluded, but unfortunately, the opposite side did not remain committed to its obligations, and by exiting from the deal placed us in a very critical, complicated circumstances. Yet, the JCPOA deal is not a one way track. It was supposed to be a two way road. If it should run on a one way direction, then, the Islamic Republic of Iran will adopt appropriate decision, as it has done so, by following the three step approaches so far. At the end, Dr. Salehi once again, expressed condolences on the departure of the deceased, late agency's Director General, and expressed hope that the cooperation with the agency will go on as before. He pointed out, that Mr. Feruta as an experienced personality held high expertise, as the deputy and consultant of late Mr. Amano, who can greatly contribute towards keeping up the cooperation between Iran and the agency vis-à-vis JCPOA. He also expressed hope that the talks between Mr. Feruta and relevant other authorities will yield satisfaction for both sides.