International Conference Held on Iran Nuclear Safety Center Project

February 26, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

An international conference was held in Brussels, E.U. headquarter, for the development process of Iran nuclear safety center with the participation of a number of E.U. authorities, representatives of some other countries and head of AEOI National Regulatory Authority.

The objective of the conference was to survey and evaluate the E.U. project progress for the establishment of a nuclear safety center in Iran in accordance with the accord reached on annex 3 of the historical JCPOA deal.

The E.U top participants in this gathering included the head of E.U. Commission international cooperation section on nuclear safety issues, special advisor of E.U. Foreign and Security Policy as well Dr. H. Salehi, head of the Iranian National Regulatory Authority. The participants emphasized on promoting the road map designed for better process of the center expansion and activity.

In accordance with the agreement reached with the E.U. authorities, two projects valued 9 million Euros have been ratified in this regard and are being successfully implemented. This value according to the plan will be increased in the future up to 20 million Euros.