I.R. of Iran's Fifth Step Statement on JCPOA Commitments Reduction

January 6, 2020

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

The Islamic Republic government issues fifth step statement on JCPOA commitments reduction:

The Islamic Republic is not any more faced with impediments regarding enrichment capacity and percentage, level of enriched material and R&D

The statement of the I.R. of  Iran government is as follows:

The Islamic Republic of Iran in line with the adopted fifth step on its commitments reduction will withdraw from its last operational limitation within the (JCPOA) scope, in other words, the limitations on the centrifuges numbers.

In this way, the Iran nuclear program is not any more confronted, in operational sense, with any impediments including enrichment capacity and percentage, the level of the enriched material and R&D. From now on, the Iran nuclear program will merely progress according to its technical requirements. Iran cooperation with IAEA will continue as in the past. In case of the imposed sanctions resolving and Iran's subsequent benefiting from the (JCPOA) concerned privileges, then the country is ready to assume its admitted commitments.

The Atomic Energy Organization of Iran is obliged, in this framework, to coordinate necessary requirement and actions with the Republic's President.