Iran-Russia Cooperation on Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety

July 28, 2019

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  • Russia

Mr. Oleg Grigoryev, the chairman of the Russian Non-Ionizing Radiation protection committee, on an invitation extended by the Iranian National Regulatory Authority (INRA) visited AEOI to participate in a scientific seminar and hold talks with Dr. H. Salehi, INRA head, in line for promoting cooperation regarding technical cooperation on radiation regulatory, safety issues. The two authorities besides the seminar exchanged views concerning bilateral cooperation on the safety of non-ionizing radiation including cellphone antennas and Etc.

During the science seminar, various representatives from the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran, department of Environmental and Sharif Technical University discussed the latest findings related to the adverse biological effects and permitted levels of radio waves and non-ionizing radiation.

Unlimited extension of technologies related to the radio waves, either globally or in Iran, including the technology related to the cellphone usage and installation of antennas or related transmitters in urban areas necessitates precise monitoring over the radiation levels in order to ensure citizens safety. The AEOI Regulatory Authority as the responsible authority for the radiation safety carries the duty of safeguarding the national radiation measurement and safety effects.

Professor Grigoryev holds the highest medal from the Russian Federation Science Academy and has a background of more than 25 years of specialized research activity. He has served as the Russian Federation representative in the WHO (IAC-EMF) committee since 2005.

Considering the fact that Russia, as one of the two countries advanced in the field of research and survey of biological effects of such waves and protection against them and its relevant National Committee with long experiences in this respect is considered an excellent choice authority to render cooperation and exchange experiences with INRA in this field.