Iran-Russia Nuclear Authorities Press Release

July 6, 2019

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U.S. unilateral actions have complicated the JCPOA processing.

On/July/1, Dr. A.Salehi, President's deputy and AEOI head, in a 3 days visit to the Russian Federation, held talks with Mr. Alexey Likhachev, Director General of the Russian State Atomic Cooperation, (Rosatom) on the current peaceful nuclear cooperation between the two countries. A press release was consequently issued as the following:

Press release text:

Based on the previous arrangement between. Dr. A.Salehi, President's Deputy and AEOI head and Mr. Alexey Likhachev, Director General of the Russia State Atomic Cooperation, Rosatom, Dr. Salehi paid a working visit to Russia from 1 to 3 of July.

Dr. Salehi and Mr. Likhachev held talks concerning the agenda related to the peaceful nuclear cooperation between Iran and Russia.

H.E. Mehdi Sanaei, Islamic Republic of Iran plenipotentiary ambassador and Excellency Levan Jagarian Russian federation ambassador were present in the talks as well.

During the talks, the heads of the two countries nuclear industries, paid particular attention to the complications caused by the U.S unilateral actions vis-à-vis JCPOA deal related to the Iran's nuclear program.

The two sides emphasized on retaining and implementation of the JCPOA content by all the signatories.

Dr. Salehi and Mr. Likachev exchanged views on the implementation of the Bushehr power plant construction. The two sides expressed satisfaction over the ongoing success of the project.

There was evident understanding between the two sides over the project implementation within the framework of international regulation obligations.

Dr. Salehi also paid a visit to the Russian nuclear industry installations relevant to the VVER reactors. The two sides reiterated on maintaining the current communication.