Iran Unveils New Quantum Technology Lab

August 5, 2018

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

-A new quantum communication technology lab has recently been unveiled in the Karaj Iran National Center of Laser Science and technology in the presence of Dr. Salehi, AEOI head, Dr. Gholami, Minister of Science, Research and Technology and Dr. Sorena Sattari, Vice President of Science and Technology.

-Dr. Salehi in a briefing outlined the importance of quantum technology, its relationship with nuclear industry and as an important scientific factor of the future as the following:

-Quantum technology has recently attracted the world's attention and Europeans have devised a road map in this respect in 2015-16. The technology relates on the atomic and subatomic particles. The basic relates to the separation of subatomic particles such as electrons and photons. Whatever the distance of such particles, any event on one particle will directly affect the other. The advantage is that there is no need for coding of information and nobody can penetrate such data.

-Sensor operation application is an important part of this technology for earth gravitation measurements.

-Another privilege is simulation that can enable many physical phenomenon's to be simulated.

-Dr. Salehi added that this achievement has nothing to do with JCPOA content since JCPOA deals with nuclear matters such as uranium and plutonium and not with subatomic particles to be subjected to regulatory matters.