Kamalvandi: Iran Has Tolerated Enough

May 26, 2019

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  • Nuclear

On May 20, a number of the chief editors, editors and senior reporters of the leading media paid an extensive visit to the martyr Ahmadi Roshan  enrichment complex at Natanz and got acquainted with the achievements and functions of the strategic complex various sections.

Mr. B. Kamalvandi, AEOI spokesman and, senior deputy on International, Legal and Parliamentary affairs, in the process of the visit, during a comprehensive speech, while elaborating on the complex's programs explained the main AEOI technical and political policies as the following:

The Islamic Republic of Iran, beyond any doubt, does not pursue any non-peaceful nuclear program. Since the elapse of 3 and half years since the endorsement of JCPOA, we have had most of the inspections and comprehensive accessibilities performed, in a way, that the IAEA 2018 reports shows that Iran has had the highest numbers of inspections among all the agency's member states.

All fabricated allegations against Iran in this respect lack evidence and the 15 reports issued by IAEA is an ample proof of this reality.

Nuclear industry is of a strategic nature. In accordance with our commitments under JCPOA, we pursue the objective of 20 thousand MW nuclear electricity. At present we have 1000 MW functioning and two plant units are being constructed.

The Americans, unfairly, despite the peaceful nature of the Bushehr power plant, have imposed sanctions on this plant as well as on the sensitive regulatory center and the radiopharmaceutical production company. Fortunately, we are self-sufficient for the provision of radiopharmaceutical products in the country.

As of today, we have announced to increase the enrichment capacity to four times more. It won't be long before we can exceed the 300 KG ceiling. If the parties wish to keep it at such levels, they should show positive signs. The Europeans, at least theoretically oppose sanctions and wish to maintain the JCPOA's integrity. But, in spite of this, practical signs are needed for the sake of confidence building.

Today, we move along the guidelines set by the accord, and not contrary to it. We have a long term fuel program and possess a very advanced technological power plant fuel production capacity. The objective of reaching at least 190000 (SWU) as guided by the Supreme Leader is very easy to achieve, yet, we plan to go further up to 2720000 which is perfectly feasible. At present, to reach the level of 3/67 percent enrichment level, in accordance with the instruction issued by the Supreme National Security Council and declared by the Honorable President and AEOI head, Dr. Salehi, is feasible.

We move in line with our interests within the framework of the commitments admitted. At present, considering the 60 days' time limit announced, to maintain the 300 KG ceiling and not preserving more than 130 tons of heavy water is not supposed to be observed. This move is in line with item 26 of JCPOA and Iran enjoys rights in this regard, to deviate from some or all of part of its negotiated commitments.

If upon the elapse of the 60 days' time set, no positive response is shown or a just solution to the obstacle of sanctions, reached then the options of exceeding the 3/67 percent or the Arak issue is available, outside the framework envisaged in JCPOA, or even in line to follow the older designs.

Our policies are based on logic and patience and nobody can blame Iran in this respect. We thoroughly observed our obligations rightfully, and now it is the turn of the other side to show positive intentions. Iran has tolerated enough, and without observing our admitted rights, it is not possible to merely perform our commitments unilaterally. We do not plan to exit from the accord or to breach it, and simply follow our set rights in this framework.

We are able now, with some technical alteration, to increase our uranium production capacity to 4 times over. We possess advanced centrifuges such as IR2M, IR4 and IR6 that were announced during the National Nuclear Day ceremonies of which a 20 chain series of it was commissioned. At the end of the visit, Mr Kamalvandi responded to the question forwarded by the media representatives.