Mr. B. Kamalvandi's Speech in the 10th Entrepreneurs Festival

March 11, 2019

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Mr. B. Kamalvandi AEOI deputy head on International, Legal and Parliamentary affairs, on March, 1 presented rewarding economic remarks during the 10th Iran entrepreneurs festival gathering of which the excerpts are as follows:

The role of entrepreneurs in the promotion of national economy is undeniable. Economic strength and stability, according to the advice of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, is a determining factor in Impregnability of a nation, while economic weakness paves the ground for vulnerability in the face of our adversaries. The weak points such as, management shortcomings, imposed sanctions, dependence on mere oil income and lack of deploying the country's huge, rich human resources are the main obstacles in accessing a robust economy.

At present, we are privileged with a human resource of 36 million youths between 15 to 40 years old, of which 14 million have higher education. Iran ranks second in the world for-having college graduates in science majors and engineering, possess 7 percent of total world mineral resources, excellent geopolitical position with 15 neighbors and having access to a 600 million people market.

Fortunately, at present, our knowledge based economy entities have experienced success in their performance.

With respect to nuclear science, besides enrichment technology which places Iran among the 13 advanced countries in this field, heavy water, Oxygen 18 production, various types of radiopharmaceuticals, uranium excavation, exploration, building of two new power plants in Bushehr, Uf4-Uf6 yellow cake production, building of ion therapy, GMP centers, renovation of Khondab (Arak) heavy water reactor, advances in quantum and fusion technology are among the AEOI agenda which must be added.

Competitive economic market activity is a vital key to success which allows entities and people investments to play a central role in the economy. The U.S policies follows a very clear unilateral trend of which breaching of international accords (JCPOA) and avoiding commitments in treaties such as global climate change, unesco, Transatlantic, medium range missiles (INF), NAFTA, are ample examples. Obviously almost all countries are against such selfishness.

Our frustrated adversary upon using political, military alternatives has resorted to psychological economic warfare, which demands people's solidarity and resistance.

At this point, the role of our entrepreneurs, industries, vocational occupations, commerce is extremely important in promoting our national objectives. What enabled us to resist the tremendous pressures exerted in the 8 years imposed war, supported by some big powers, is alive and present in the national psychology of the great Iranian nation.