Parliamentary Members Visit Nuclear Complexes

September 5, 2018

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

-On Sep 3, a number of Parliament members including Mr. Falahat pisheh, head of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission, along with some members, paid a visit to the Shahid Alimohammadi and Ahmadi roshan nuclear sites in Fordow and Natanz complexes and got acquainted with the related activities of AEOI in such sites.

-The objective of the visit was to observe the grounds for the realization of the enrichment capacity of 190 thousands (SWU) as directed by the Supreme Leader's guidelines.

-The MPs during this visit were familiarized with the latest nuclear achievements such as the production of stable isotopes, national material reference lab, mixture process unit and site of the new generation assembly machines.

-The visit took place simultaneously with the initiating phase for the construction of the National Vacuum Association lab.

-The head of the Parliament's FPNS commission in an exclusive interview with the Isfahan based I.R. of Iran Broadcasting Organization pointed out the following remarks:

-The operation of the National Vacuum Association Lab is among the outstanding industrial exploitation of the country's nuclear technology and is supposed to be officially inaugurated at the time of the National Nuclear Technology Day celebration on Apr/9 in the upcoming new Persian year. The development is an indication that despite tumbling in the JCPOA processing, this technology continues unabated.

-The current visit is aimed in line for the preparation of the fifth Parliamentary report on the implementation process of JCPOA. The related analytical report has been received from the Foreign Ministry which is being surveyed. The JCPOA deal is going through a fluctuating trend. The country's nuclear scientists are attempting to promote the industry, in line with the global related developments, in a way that in case JCPOA process is jeopardized, it would not have any negative effect on the growth of national peaceful nuclear technology. Fortunately this visit has proved positive results in this respect. Iranian authorities, on number of occasions have indicated, that we are the only party faithfully committed to the deal and do not allow ourselves to be affected by the fluctuations and the political abjuration of the American side.