Quantum Technology Described in the Comprehensive Science Plan Session

October 5, 2020

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Dr. Javad Karimi Sabet, AEOI deputy and head of Nuclear Science and Technology Research Institute in a presentation held during the headquarters' session for implementation of the Comprehensive Science Plan elaborated on the quantum technology situation and offered a report on the progress in this field as the following:

Since the start of the 20th century focus was directed on quantum mechanics and upon the discovery of the quantum-entanglement-a technological revolution was on the way. The advances were included in such scientific fields as imaging, lasers, sensors, information and precise measurements.

Dr. Karimi further added that:

Discovery of new medications and vaccines by using computers and quantum models will revolutionize material sciences due to the deployment of quantum computers which have a much more measurement speed than ordinary ones.

In this way simulation performance of materials will be more realistic. Upgrading security is another quantum technology privilege, because it will elevate the communication security dimensions. In near future countries lacking this technology will face hazards in transferring vital data.

Quantum technology is mainly sub-divided to five branches including quantum computers and measurements, quantum information and communications, simulation, sensors and biological fields. Since the year 2000, academic activities began in the country's universities in the area of quantum physics.

By 2017 quantum technology development document was prepared and infrastructures such as creation of advanced labs, defining and implementing strategic projects as well as human resource training by deploying expert educated individuals and specialized scientific publications were materialized.

Among the top production achievements were entangled photons and quantum coding in open space as well as a number of projects being implemented such as quantum coding in fiber ground, quantum navigation, metrology and radar, simulation, atomic clock and quantum biology. The priorities at present include placing the technology in the context of the country's Comprehensive Science Plan, allocation of financial resources for the further expansion of this technology as requested by the AEOI.