Senior German Diplomat Meets with AEOI's Top Deputy

October 22, 2018

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

-On/Oct/17, Mrs. Antje Leendertse, Political Director of the German Federal Foreign Office, on a visit to Iran, leading a delegation, met with H.E. Kamalvandi, deputy head of International, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs.

-Mr. Kamalvandi, during the talks held, reiterated on Iran's abiding commitments, so far, to the JCPOA contents. He also pointed out the fact, that if Iran does not benefit from the legally admitted privileges of the deal, the continuation of some of the items would be meaningless. He further added that, although certain positive signs have been noticed from the European side, yet, considering the limitation of time and the trend of increasing pressures, more immediate measures are expected to confront the unilateral sanctions by the U.S.

-The German Foreign Office Political Director, on her turn, appreciated Iran's commitments and stated that the European side is seeking innovative measures to face the U.S sanctions of which the conclusions will soon be announced.

-Mrs. Leendertse, who was previously a member of the German negotiating team, welcomed cooperation attitude of Iran regarding the maintenance of JCPOA and declared Iran's views will be promptly reflected on her return to Germany.