Iran’s Navy Gives Explanation on Iran-Russia Joint Military Drill

July 30, 2019

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Tehran, July 30, IRNA - Iran's Navy force is preparing to conduct a joint naval exercise with Russia in the north of Indian Ocean and Oman Sea, the Army's public relations department said on Tuesday.

Concurrent with the attendance of Admiral Hossein Khanzadi in the Russian Army Navy Day ceremony in St. Petersburg, some local media mistakenly misunderstood the remarks of the Navy commander on Iran-Russia joint naval exercise reading that a joint naval exercise between the two countries will be conducted in the Persian Gulf region. 

According to the Navy Public Relations Department, in light of the meeting and dialogue held by Admiral Hussein Khanzadi with the Commander of the Russian Navy, Iran is preparing to conduct a naval exercise between the two navies in the north of Indian Ocean and Oman.

A joint Iranian-Russian naval exercise will be held in the north of Indian Ocean and Oman Sea, the commander of the Army’s Navy, who traveled to St. Petersburg for a Russian Navy Day ceremony, said in an interview with IRNA.

Admiral Hussein Khanzadi, noting that the exercise is to be held on the basis of an agreement with the Russian Navy.

The two countries have reached agreement in the Indian Ocean and Oman Sea, and Iran hopes it will be held by the end of this current Iranian year (starting in March 21), he said. 

According to the Navy commander, coordination and planning sessions will begin soon.

The commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran's Navy, who has traveled to Russia at the head of a high-level military delegation, attended on Sunday at Russian Navy Day celebration in St. Petersburg, in presence of Russian President Vladimir Putin.