Iran Issues a Statement Following the Approval of a U.S. and E.U.-Drafted Resolution at the IAEA against the Islamic Republic

June 9, 2022

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  • Nuclear

In the Name of God

The Islamic Republic of Iran deplores the approval of a resolution drafted by the US, Britain, France and Germany at the IAEA Board of Governors as a political, wrong and unconstructive move.

The Islamic Republic of Iran showed goodwill in its interaction with the agency by providing it with accurate technical information as per the March 5, 2022 joint statement of the two sides. It was expected that the IAEA, with an independent, neutral and professional approach, would act constructively and realistically to normalize safeguards issues which, as admitted by the agency itself, were not a source of nuclear non-proliferation concerns.

It seems that some people have forgotten that the case of past issues was closed once and for all by the IAEA Board of Governors on December 15, 2015.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has engaged in constructive cooperation with the IAEA over the past years and the fact that the agency has carried out a considerable part of its inspections worldwide in Iran is proof of this to the extent that Iran currently has one of the most transparent peaceful nuclear programs among the IAEA members.

The approval of the foregoing resolution happened based on a hasty and unbalanced report by the IAEA director general and also on fake information from the Zionist regime. So the passing of the resolution will have no effect but the weakening of the trend of cooperation and interaction of the Islamic Republic of Iran with the IAEA.

Just as it was declared earlier, due to the agency’s unconstructive approach and the approval of the resolution, the Islamic Republic of Iran has taken some practical steps in retaliation including the installation of advanced centrifuges and the removal of cameras that are beyond safeguards agreement.