The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Strongly Condemns Albania’s Anti-Iran Measure

September 8, 2022

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  • Albania

The Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement to strongly condemn the Albanian government’s anti-Iran measure.

The Ministry dismissed the baseless accusations leveled by the Albanian government against the Islamic Republic of Iran and considered the country’s decision to severe political ties with Iran based on such unfounded claims to be unmeasured and short of foresight in international relations.

In the statement, the Ministry emphasized the Islamic Republic of Iran’s principled positions on cyberspace in international multilateral bodies in line with drafting rules and regulating this field.

The Islamic Republic of Iran, as a country whose vital infrastructure has been the target of cyber attacks, rejects and condemns any use of the cyberspace as a tool to launch attacks on other countries’ vital infrastructure, according to the statement.

The statement also dismissed the unproved claims against the Islamic Republic of Iran, stressing that the type of the move and the role played by third parties in fabricating the allegations against the Islamic Republic are indicative of exertion of influence in the issue by seditionist countries that sponsor terrorism.

It also highlighted the organized political and media activities that quickly followed the Albanian government’s announcement of its decision, saying the US administration’s swift issuance of a statement and the Zionist media outlets’ welcoming of the decision are indicative of a pre-mediated plan to create political hype against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Ministry also pointed to the Albanian government’s hosting of a marked terrorist cult, expressing regret that Tirana is being influenced by third parties and also over the Albanian government’s inappropriate and improper decision.