Iran's Response to Allegations of Sanitization Activity at Parchin Military Complex

August 5, 2015

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations in New York strongly denies and rejects the baseless claims about the so-called clean-up operations in the Parchin Military Complex. These claims are preposterous and the repetition of the similar unfounded claims that reappear from time to time and have been disproved each time.

The Parchin military complex covers a very vast area, which includes different military, industrial, administrative and residential sections. It is, thus, quite normal to have construction works underway at any time. During the past week, and due to sinking in part of the road running opposite the Mamloo Dam, which is in the vicinity of the Parchin Military Complex but detached there from, extensive construction works have been underway to repair the road. These works required the use of heavy bulldozers and other heavy construction machinery in the area.

We regret that the extensive vicious campaign at work, using tens of millions of dollars, to poison the positive environment at the global level, which followed the conclusion of the JCPOA. The Islamic Republic of Iran, based on its religious beliefs and defense doctrine has never had any military nuclear activity and has never been engaged in any unconventional act that would need a hasty cover-up. Similar claims have been previously made, and they were proven baseless each time. They are the evidence of anger and haste of those who raise these claims and the fact that they are unfounded. 

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Mission of Islamic Republic of Iran to United Nations-New York