Dr. Rouhani at Cabinet Session (Excerpts)

‘Knee on Throat’ US’s Main Policy, but Iranians Shattered US’s Knee with Unity / 4 Permanent UNSC Members Should Oppose New US Plot against Iran’s Defense Capabilities / Iranian People’s Resilience against Sanctions, Coronavirus to Be Recorded in History
June 10, 2020

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Dr Rouhani said that the Americans are still looking for a conspiracy against the Iranian nation, adding, "Since we are approaching a point where all Iran’s arms embargo are being lifted based on Resolution 2231, they are angry and upset about this important day in the history of Iran's defence and intend to prepare a resolution and take it to the Security Council”.

"We expect the four permanent members of the Security Council to stand up to this conspiracy because of the interests and stability of the world and the interests that were predicted in the region and the world by the nuclear deal," he said, adding, "Especially from our two friendly countries, Russia and China, we expect them to stand up to this conspiracy”.

Dr Rouhani emphasised, "We are confident that since all kinds of conspiracies that the United States has hatched against the Iranian nation to date have failed, this conspiracy will not succeed as well, and we will increase our defence capabilities with all our might".

"The Americans need to know that no matter what they do, Iran's defence capabilities will be developed under all circumstances, and we have designed the best air defence systems in difficult conditions under sanctions, and in the recent years that we have been in difficult conditions, we downed the American drone with the same system”.