Dr Rouhani in a Phone Call with Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics

We must carefully follow strategies that ensure regional stability and security, while maintaining vigilance and authoritative presence in the region
April 24, 2020

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The President described the activities and cooperation of the armed forces in managing and countering the outbreak of coronavirus in the country in the field of health care products such as coronavirus test kits and the production of masks and disinfectants as effective and important, and appreciated the efforts of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran for offering all its facilities in this field and to establish care centres throughout the country, emphasising the need to maintain these achievements and strengthen and develop these efforts and cooperate with other organs until the complete elimination of the disease.

Speaking with Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics Brigadier General Amir Hatami by telephone on Friday, Dr Hassan Rouhani referring to the recent successful launching of the "Noor" defence satellite into space, adding, "This success shows that strengthening the aerospace sector in the country and the armed forces has been a precise and effective step, and we must work harder and harder to develop it".

Referring to the recent activities of foreigners in the region, the President emphasised, "We must carefully follow the strategies that provide stability and development of stability and lasting security in the region, while maintaining our vigilance and authoritative presence in the region".

In the phone call, Brigadier General Amir Hatami praised President's support and attention to experts and the young active in the field of production of the country's defence achievements, emphasising the importance and seriousness of developing defence capabilities and achievements.

The Minister of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics also presented a report on the activities carried out by the armed forces in the fight against coronavirus, adding, "The Ministry of Defence and the Armed Forces of the country will stand by the government and people with all their might until the complete eradication of the disease".