Dr. Rouhani in a Press Conference with Domestic and International Journalists (Excerpts)

December 14, 2020

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

In a meeting with domestic and international journalists, the President talked about the most important issues of the country and explained the positions of the Islamic Republic of Iran on regional and international issues, stressing that the government will not allow some to delay the lift of sanctions and will not let it to be delayed for even a minute.


“The government is doing its best to remove the unjust sanctions from people’s shoulders at the earliest possible opportunity, and this is one of the important tasks of the government, and even if this time is possible, I will not postpone it until the next hour,” he said.

He added, "If some day the P4+1 or the P5+1 fulfils all their obligations, the government will immediately fulfil all its obligations, so everything that is stated in the JCPOA agreement will be lifted economically, like oil and other items that the Trump administration has imposed”.

“The title of what the parliament has approved is a strategic action to lift the sanctions and not to continue the sanctions, and the parliament seeks to lift the sanctions and adopt principles that will remove the sanctions. Now, whether this law meets its purpose or not is another matter,” said Rouhani.

The President also went on to state, "In the fifth phase, when I announced that we have a reduction in commitments, I explicitly stated that we would no longer have any commitment to enrichment, nor would we impose any restrictions on R&D as well as other matters related to our nuclear programme”.

He continued, "So what is being done now, whether to activate IR2M or what the parliament has announced to do some other nuclear activities, is all in the form of what I announced to the world last year and said that we consider no commitment in enrichment, so now we will not have a problem if the United States returns and makes up for past mistakes and Mr Biden's government returns to the 2017 situation, we will fully return to our commitments and we will not have a problem”.

The President answered a question on the recent legislation passed by the parliament and added, "Of course, the government has already stated its position on this legislation that it does not consider this law useful, and I made my opinion explicit before it was finally approved. This is not my personal opinion and there is a consensus in the government. The government unanimously does not consider this law useful for the country”.

“If we want to put pressure on the other side, it is what we have done last year, that is, we set aside all our obligations in 5 stages one after the other. I ordered the relevant ministers and relevant deputies to prepare the executive regulations of this law. I hope that by the end of this week, and probably next Wednesday or Sunday, the government will present its bylaws and approve them, and when they are approved based the interpretation that we have of this law for implementation, it will be implemented and we will write its bylaws based on it. The title is the law that wants to lift the sanctions, not the law that delays the lifting of sanctions”.