Iranian President Rouhani Addresses Nation on Conclusion of Nuclear Talks

Deal is a beginning of a test and could break wall of distrust / Today a new chapter has opened for new cooperation / All financial and weapons sanctions will be lifted
July 14, 2015

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  • Nuclear

President Hassan Rouhani in a live TV speech on Tuesday addresses nation on conclusion of nuclear talks, said Iran was after maintaining its national interests in this negotiations including protecting Iran’s capabilities in nuclear energy industry, putting an end to the sanctions, all the illegal resolutions and Iranian nuclear document will taking out of chapter seven of United Nations Security Council, added based on the deal we reached today all these objected have been attained.

President Rouhani said that today a new chapter has opened; this new chapter is based upon the fact that the solutions to intricacies worldwide follow a shorter and less costly path.

President said that in order to come up with solutions for problems speaking of Iran’s important nuclear issue that in the one hand it had turned into political and international issue, to the extent that it was resorted to chapter 7 of UNSC and several resolutions calling for sanctions against Iran and on the other hand the issue had turning to a subject for spreading Iran phobia in the region and the world claiming that Iran is after manufacturing nuclear weapons. And the other hand you see that from a view of science and technology this was an important issue for us and it had turned into a subject related a national pride and dignity.

Dr. Rouhani said socially speaking, nuclear issue turned into matter of national pride and dignity and economically speaking, harsh conditions were created as a result due to pressures piled up by imposition of sanctions. Though, he added, as already emphasized, sanctions have never been successful, while being influential in life of the ordinary people.

President Rouhani said, 'I announce to the great Iranian nation that a new chapter has opened in an important juncture of country's history. The 12-year dispute emanated from illusions of the western governments and the propaganda to spread such illusions in the international community, are over.'

'I am happy that with the 23-month nuclear talks of Iran with the world six major powers, we have today been able to reach a new point; of course the month of Ramadan has always been source of blessing and destiny making for the 11th Government.'

He added, 'The 25th of the month of Ramadhan in the year 1392 was the year of taking presidential oath; the 26th of the month of Ramadhan that year was the swearing-in ceremony and today, it is the day of Iran's success to bring the six world powers to the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action (CJPOA).'

'We should take necessary steps in various sections to settle nuclear issue and problem; politically speaking, we should prepare necessary political conditions; as far as public opinion is concerned, they should know that negotiations does not mean reading statements. Negotiation means give and take. Negotiation means money that is given and a house that is purchased. We did not seek charity so that somebody will give us something for free; we were for talks; we wanted fair Give & Take based on national interests.'

He added, 'We have always emphasized that the talks will not win-loss in kind; any talks, being win-loss in nature, will not last long. The talks and agreement will be durable that is win-win for both sides.'

According to President Rouhani the path to talks started before start of the 11th government and since 12 years ago on the consent of the Supreme Leader.