Joint Press Conference of the Presidents of Iran and Venezuela

June 11, 2022

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  • Venezuela

The presidents of Iran and Venezuela held a joint press conference, during which they referred to the successful experiences of the two countries in resisting sanctions and pressure from domineering powers, and stressed, "The resistance of Iran and Venezuela against the domineering powers showed that resistance forces the enemy to retreat".

Speaking in a joint press conference with Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Saturday afternoon, Ayatollah Dr Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi said that the foreign policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran has always been to develop relations with independent countries, saying, "Venezuela has proved that it is a role model of resistance and steadfastness against the threats and sanctions of enemies and imperialism".

Pointing out that sanctions and threats against the Iranian nation have been many in the years since the victory of the Islamic Revolution, but the Iranian nation has decided to consider these sanctions as an opportunity for the country's progress, he added, "When the Americans officially announce that the maximum pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran has failed miserably, this is the point of victory of the Iranian nation and the point of defeat of the United States and the enemies".

"Venezuela has gone through difficult years, but the determination of the people and the government of this country and of the President himself has been to resist the sanctions," Dr Raisi said, adding, "Today, the President explained that his country has overcome hyperinflation and economic growth has begun in the country. This is a very good sign and it proves to everyone that resistance works and forces the enemy to retreat".

Ayatollah Raisi described the relations with Venezuela as strategic relations in various fields, referring to the two countries' cooperation in the field of energy, construction of thermal power plants, repair and overhaul of Venezuelan refineries, export of technical and engineering services, economic, agricultural, defence and military fields, and said, "This cooperation shows that Tehran and Caracas have many fields and capacities to improve the level of relations with each other".

The President also described the launch of a direct Tehran-Caracas flight as a good ground for facilitating travel between the two countries, saying, "This will further boost economic and trade relations between the two countries and can bring relations between the two nations closer and deeper".

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro said at the news conference that the signing of the 20-year cooperation document between the two countries shows a clear vision for the progress of Iran-Venezuela relations, adding, "We went through tough times in 2017-2020, and to overcome this difficult period and to develop cooperation and relations between the two countries, we have decided to use the historical experience of the Islamic Republic of Iran and its capabilities, especially in the technical and technological fields".

Noting that there is a wide field of cooperation in the fields of oil, gas, refineries and petrochemicals between Iran and Venezuela, the President of Venezuela added, "Soon we will see the establishment of a direct flight line between Tehran and Caracas, which will greatly help to activate capacities of cooperation between the two countries".

Mr Maduro stated, "Although about 70% of Iran is dry land, this country has been able to perform a miracle in the field of agriculture, and even in desert areas, it has been able to develop agricultural products through technology".

The Venezuelan President said that one of his country's priorities for developing cooperation with Iran is to use Iranian technology to develop agricultural production in Venezuela, noting, "Venezuela has 33 million hectares of arable land and enough water to produce agricultural products".

"I believe that the future of Iran-Venezuela friendship will be very bright and inviolable," Mr Maduro said, adding, "Everybody will all see how we can resist the problems and make progress. Everyone will see how the new world will take shape; the Venezuelan and Iranian young people must know that the world of the future is a world of equality and justice, and we must all build this future by standing up to imperialism and working together".

Addressing the President and the people of Iran, the Venezuelan President said, "Count on our full support and cooperation".