President at the Book of the Year Award Ceremony: U.S. Sanctions on Iranian Nation a Terrorist Act (Excerpts)

February 5, 2020

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President described the US sanctions on the Iranian nation as a terrorist act, stating that all crimes of the United States should be publicised in a book, stating, "All indices show that Iran has not, and will not, surrender to enemies' pressure".


We have been under extreme economic pressure from our enemies, especially the United States, for two years, which was illegal, contrary to international obligations and regulations, and contrary to UN resolution. 

This is the first time we have come face to face with the United States. The UN resolution supports us. Sometimes the resolutions have not been very supportive, but this time the UN resolution is on our side and the US is against the resolution that it has voted to it itself. The resolution was unanimously approved by the Security Council, and for the first time - as far as I can remember – in the history of sanctions that they are sanctioning a great 83-million nation, not a specific individual or group. The fact that Americans name someone every now and then and sanction them is out of deception, in fact, they have put sanctions on 83 million people without any exception.

The fact that they do not allow us to import the parts needed for a factory means that they are working against our workers and our production. When they do not allow the needs of the country to be bought and imported into the country means that they stand against the will of the people.

I don't think any country has ever been under sanctions of medicine. Americans are lying that they haven't sanctioned medicine. When they impose sanctions on banks and create problems for our sales and export routes, this means that America is committing a terrorist act against Iran, and this is where we have to publicise this truth to the people through books, publications and speech.

Today, America is not the enemy of a government, America is a terrorist today and is conducting a terrorist action, imposing sanctions on a great nation. The United States has put pressure on a great nation of cultured and sophisticated people that has borne the responsibility of science and knowledge over centuries and millennia.

But it is very important that this does not force us to change our course. What America was pursuing by these pressures was to force us to change our path and to regret the path we are on.

Some friends sometimes tell me 'you did not think about this much political and social pressure to when you run for presidency?'. They make criticisms that if one foresees so much pressure, they should not run for presidency, but it is the other way round; if one day we see there is a difficult time then it is time to come on stage and take responsibility.

Today, all of our people and all of our producers are taking this burden. The fact that you see despite all these pressures during these 10 months, our trade volume is $72 billion means that we are not behind.

None of the great economists I talked to in recent years predicted today's situation for Iran, that we would be able to reduce inflation in the tenth month of this first year. None of these economists who talked to me thought that this year's economic growth without our oil would positive, none of them told me. 

In some sectors including the industry, our inflation is negative and, in some others, it is 0.7 per cent.

This shows a nation's resistance. America thought our nation would be easily brought to its knees, not after 20 months, but in the first three months. They thought we would ask the United States for negotiation in the sense that they want, not in the sense that we want. We want a free logical atmosphere to prevail in the negotiations.

They want to subdue us in a cruel, unequal and uninitiated negotiation, and that is impossible for the Iranian nation, any government, government, president or government, our nation will not be subjugated and that means this nation's strength.

They want to force us to surrender in unequal negotiations, and that is not possible, no matter who the president or government is, our nation will not surrender.

We also won in the legal and political field. We are, of course, under pressure against a superpower that unjustly acts against us. Just a couple of days ago, I met with the EU High Representative, and they explicitly consider America's move illegal and apologise for it in an official negotiation.

It is great work that a major power in today's world, which is the European Union or on behalf of 27 countries, talks like this.

So, all our indices show that we have not -and will not- surrender to this pressure.