President at Inauguration Ceremony of National Achievements of Ministry of Defense

August 20, 2020

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At the inauguration and unveiling ceremony of the national achievements of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics, the President emphasised that all the efforts of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the field of defence are based on a deterrent and defence strategy and not offensive.

Speaking in this ceremony which is held on Thursday, a day before the Day of Defence Industry, Dr Hassan Rouhani said, "We do not have an offensive strategy, we do not want to occupy a place or harm a nation, and our neighbours can be sure that our defensive power will be in the interest of them and our friends".

Saying that Iran has never started a war, especially after the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the President said, "Our strategy is a deterrent defence strategy and all our efforts are to protect our country".

Dr Rouhani thanked the Ministry of Defence for achieving the production line of the national light turbojet engine (Owj) and the unveiling of the ballistic missile of Shahid Haj Qassem and the cruise missile of Shahid Abu Mahdi and the unveiling of the light turbofan engine (Jahesh), adding, "It is very satisfying that in the 19th week of the inauguration of national projects, we unveiled and talked about the products of the defence sector, and these inaugurations and unveilings took place on the night of the beginning of Muharram".

The President also commemorated martyrs, and praised the naming of two missiles named after the martyrs Haj Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi, referring to their effective role in fighting ISIL terrorists.

Dr Rouhani praised the progress of scientists, universities and knowledge-based companies and the defence industries and emphasised, "It is important for us that during the last six years we have been able to reach the 14th place in the defence industry from 23rd in the world and this shows what talents, efforts and sacrifices have come together to achieve this".

 The President added, "These inaugurations show the success of the country in the field of production of strategic, deterrent and defence weapons, and the country is developing along with the world defence industry".

Dr Rouhani called the military progress of the country in the two fields of vision and shooting valuable and said, "Fortunately, in the field of military vision, along with the power of shooting or confrontation, defence and confrontation, we have made great progress and the development of radars, electronic advancements and the production of drones has enhanced the country's military vision".

The President added, "It is very important that our manufactured weapons have the necessary accuracy, sufficient destructive power and the necessary manoeuvrability along the way, and their use should be done in the shortest possible time, which is a valuable effort in all these areas".

Referring to the importance of cruise missile production in the current era, the President said that our specialists and scientists should focus part of their efforts on the production and promotion of sea, land and air cruise missiles.

 Dr Rouhani stated, "The fact that we have succeeded in upgrading the sea-launched cruise missiles over a period of one and a half years, from 300 kilometres to 1,000 kilometres, shows that the country is on the path of production and self-sufficiency in this field".

Referring to the Supreme Leader's emphasis on achieving what we want, the President said, "Achieving these successes and being on the path of production and self-sufficiency shows the point that the Supreme Leader of the Revolution has always emphasised that we can, and what we want is achievable".

Dr Rouhani added, "It is very important for us that the range of the country's strategic naval missiles has tripled in less than two years, and we must continue this trend in sea-based and land-based cruise missiles".

The President also stressed that the sky of Islamic Iran should be a safe sky, and said, "Great work has been done in this regard and we must have a radar that, given the technologies of stealth birds, nothing is hidden from the radar so that we can do our best to deal with them".

A day before the Day of Defence Industry and in the 19th week of the inauguration of the national plans and projects throughout the country, a number of national achievements in the field of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics were put into operation and unveiled on Thursday.

Opening of the exhibition of achievements of Drone Authority, inauguration of the production line of national light turbojet engine (Owj), unveiling of Shahid Haj Qassem ballistic missile and Shahid Abu Mahdi cruise missile and unveiling of light turbofan engine (Jahesh), were among the national achievements of the Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics that were unveiled at Dr Hassan Rouhani's order.

With the opening of the national light turbojet engine production line, the Islamic Republic of Iran is now among the 8 countries producing fighter engines.

The Haj Qassem ballistic missile, which was unveiled at the ceremony, is capable of being prepared and fired in a very short time, and due to its high speed and reduced radar visibility, it can hit targets up to a radius of 1400 km with high accuracy.

Production of light turbofan engine is also one of the most important technological achievements in the field of engine manufacturing in the country, which has been achieved domestically using the power of knowledge-based and technology-based companies and the scientific and research power of the country's top universities.

Shahid Abu Mahdi cruise missile is also from the family of Soumar and Hoveyzeh missiles, which has a flight range of 1000 km and the ability to destroy or seriously damage vessels with a weight of 3,000 tonnes and above.