President in a Meeting with Ambassadors and Heads of Missions of Foreign Countries to Tehran (Excerpts)

February 10, 2020


Despite America’s all-out pressures in the past 20 months, all economic indices since the past 8 months show that Iran’s conditions are completely stable and we have successful overcome these sanctions and that America has made a mistake. Inflation, economic growth and employment figures show that the Iranian people and government is on the right track

Although today our people face many hardships because of the sanctions, there is no queue across the country, neither for food, medicine, or essentials, for transportation and travel, for scientific study, nor for treatment in hospitals. All of our conditions today are a stable in this country.

We managed the country well last year and this year despite sanctions, and we needed neither foreign loans nor borrowing from our central bank to run the country.

We are proud of the Iranian people’s resistance, and the United States has shown that it is not a country that adheres to its signature and commitment, and that it is not a country that adheres to its political and moral commitments, and this is the first damage to the dignity of the US government.

The US action is against the safeguards of the International Court of Justice in The Hague, which ordered the United States not to initiate sanctions, and also US actions are contrary to UN Security Council resolutions including Resolution 2231.


Let the whole world know that we have used our missiles two times; once against ISIL when they killed our innocent people in Khuzestan and Ahwaz and around the Islamic Consultative Assembly. The second time was against Ain al-Assad Air Base in Iraq because of the crimes they did and assassinated our military commander.

So, our precision-guided and modern missiles are to be used against terror and crime; we have never built missiles for aggression, and will never do so.

We assure all our neighbours and regional peoples that we want peaceful coexistence. We are willing to negotiate with all our neighbours, without exception, to settle issues. We have brotherly and friendly relations with most of our neighbours and countries around the world today.