President in a Phone Call with the Italian PM

EU should play its role against US' inhumane actions/ INSTEX not able to have effective role yet/ Sympathising with Italian people in fighting coronavirus
April 20, 2020

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Speaking with the Prime Minister of Italy by telephone on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani said that countries cannot overcome this difficult crisis alone without each other's help, adding, "We can harness the virus with each other's help and sharing our experiences".

Dr Rouhani said that saving the lives of human beings is more important than anything else, adding, "In these difficult circumstances, the US pressure on the Iranian people has been more inhumane than ever, and its continuation is a brutal crime against a great nation and against all human principles and international regulations".

Stating that the US' illegal sanctions against Iran continue in these difficult circumstances, the President referred to the US opposition to the International Monetary Fund's loan to Iran and added, "We expect European countries, especially Italy, to take the necessary steps towards this violation of the rules in these difficult circumstances".

Referring to Italy's position regarding the JCPOA and supporting the International agreement, Dr Rouhani stressed, "We are ready to fulfill our full commitment to the JCPOA if the other side does so and refrains from threatening".

"Italy has always played an important role in our foreign policy, and I hope it invites the European Union to fully comply with JCPOA," he said.

Dr Rouhani stated: "Unfortunately, the financial mechanism designed by Europe (INSTEX) has not yet been able to take a significant and effective step and play a role".

Today, political issues should not be a priority, and human issues and the saving of human lives should be a priority, he said, adding, "At this point, it is clear that the fate of the international community is completely interdependent, and I hope Europe, and especially Italy can take action that benefits all nations in these sensitive circumstances".

Referring to the importance of ensuring security and stability in the region, Dr Rouhani said, "According to Hormuz Peace Endeavour (HOPE) initiative, stability and security in the region will be achieved only through cooperation among the countries of this region, and the interference of enemies, especially the United States, threatens regional peace".

The Italian Prime Minister expressed his sympathy with the government and people of Iran, saying, "Your problems are well understood by us because we are both involved in a common problem and we welcome the exchange of common experiences between the two countries against coronavirus".

Emphasising deepening bilateral relations, Giuseppe Conte said, "We are ready to cooperate with Iran on the JCPOA and strengthen the EU's financial mechanism and the serious participation of countries in this field".

"We are also trying to work together with European countries and member states of G7 and G20 take effective action," he said.

The Italian Prime Minister also stressed the constructive role of Iran in establishing peace and stability in the region and countering terrorism, saying, "Every opportunity should be used to resolve issues and ensure security in the region, and always emphasise Iran's role in this matter.