President in a Phone Call with the Spanish PM

In these difficult times, countries need to put human relations at the top of their actions and counter hostile policies/ Declaring Iran’s readiness to exchange experiences in fighting COVID-19/ EU, Spain must do their part against illegal US actions
April 21, 2020

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Speaking with the Spanish Prime Minister by telephone on Tuesday, Dr Hassan Rouhani sympathised with the people of Spain and said, "We are ready to share our experiences in the fight against coronavirus".

Referring to the problems created for Iranian citizens due to the outbreak of coronavirus, the president said, "In such a situation, relations between countries should be based on human principles, and hostile policies must be confronted, but unfortunately we see that in these very difficult conditions, the United States continues to impose sanctions against Iran and even applies them on medicine”.

Referring to Iran's request for loan from the International Monetary Fund for fighting coronavirus, Dr Rouhani said, "The United States also opposes the payment of this loan, and the European Union and Spain are expected to take a stand against this illegal act".

Dr Rouhani welcomed the Spanish Prime Minister's proposal to resume talks and negotiations between the Foreign Ministers of the two countries to exchange views on important bilateral and international issues, including the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), and stressed, "If the other countries fulfil all their obligations, we will return to our commitments as well”.

Emphasising the need to implement the agreements between the two countries, the President expressed hope that the relations between Iran and Spain will be developed and deepened in all fields.

On the other side of the phone call, expressing sympathy with the Iranian people regarding coronavirus, the Spanish Prime Minister said, "In addition to concerns about the health of the people, we have deep concerns about the economic crisis that our country will face in the future”.

"We believe that US sanctions have had a profound effect on the Iranian economy and the health of the people, especially in this difficult time when you are facing coronavirus, and Spain and the European Union do not agree with these sanctions," Pedro Sanchez said.

The Prime Minister of Spain also announced his support for the activation of the European Union's financial mechanism (INSTEX), saying, "We also have put joining the INSTEX on the agenda".

Pedro Sanchez described the relations between Iran and Spain as good and said, "It is very important that we resume our trade relations in this situation".