President Rouhani in the Majlis: "Iran Did Not Sit at the Negotiating Table Because of Sanctions"

November 10, 2013

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President Hassan Rouhani Sunday dismissed the claims that the unilateral sanctions imposed against Iran forced Tehran to attend talks with the six major world powers.

Addressing an open session of the Majlis, the President described the sanctions as “illegal and inefficient” and said, “We did not sit at the negotiating table because of sanctions.”

“If you recall, Iran sat at the negotiating table and persisted with its logical talks in 2001, 2002 and particularly 2003 … when there were no sanctions,” the Iranian president said.

“Even when the enemy wanted to begin [imposing] cruel sanctions, Iran did not end the negotiations and did not leave the negotiations after the sanctions [were imposed], either.”

“This means that Iran considers political approaches, negotiations and dialogue as the main solution to resolve international problems,” Dr.Rouhani noted.

The President said “sanctions, threats, contempt and discrimination” would not be effective in dealing with the Islamic Republic.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has not bowed and will not bow to threats by any power,”Dr. Rouhani added.

President Rouhani said that the rights of the nation and the national interests are Iran’s red lines, which should not be crossed.

Referring to Iran-5+1 talks, he reiterated that Iran has been appearing in talks “with rationalism, prudence and logic.”

He stressed that a major legitimate right of the Iranian nation is "its nuclear rights, including the right of enrichment on Iranian soil within the framework of international regulations.”

Referring to Iran’s proposed plan for its talks with the sextet (U.S., Britain, Russia, France and China plus Germany), Dr.Rouhani said Tehran’s peaceful interaction with the 5+1 Group during the new round of talks has “embarrassed the occupiers, frightened the warmongers and convinced the big powers to accept Iran’s plan at least in terms of generalities.”

Iran has explicitly told the other side in the talks that "Tehran would by no means accept any threat, sanction, insult or discrimination and would never bow to the threats of any power,” said the President.

He expressed hope that Iran’s talks with the West would finally bear fruit, emphasizing that a successful negotiation needs the support of the Supreme Leader, the Majlis and the nation.

"Those who sit at the negotiation table with us have realized that sanctions are not an appropriate solution to the nuclear dispute and that the correct way is interaction, negotiation and logic," the President stressed.

He said that Iran would continue its new approach in its talks with the big powers since “world public opinion will finally realize that Iran is not stubborn and wants to deal with the world with logic, and that the county is not after weapons of mass destruction.”

“A successful negotiation is one which would benefit both sides, and this is what we call a 'win-win game,'” President Rouhani said.

The President said that without Iran’s presence in the regional and international arenas, no problems would be solved properly.

“Iran and Iranians should enjoy their legitimate rights,” said the President, stressing that “The international community should believe in Tehran when it says it needs nuclear technology for peaceful objectives, not for posing threats against others or for making nuclear bombs.”

“When we use the word ‘nuclear’ in Iran we refer to its peaceful use, not to its military use which is common around the world,” President Rouhani noted.

He stressed that Iran is pursuing its nuclear talks with the world's big powers in a serious manner.