Raisi: We are serious about outcome-oriented talks, a sign of other side's seriousness is the lifting of sanctions (Excerpts)

October 18, 2021

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In response to a question about the negotiation process and the plan to lift the oppressive sanctions against the Iranian nation, the President said, "We will seriously pursue the policy of the Economy of Resistance and do not tie people's livelihood and the market to these negotiations, but Iran has never left the negotiation table, and we are definitely serious about outcome-oriented negotiations".

Ayatollah Raisi said that the readiness of the other side to lift the sanctions could be a sign of seriousness in the negotiations, saying, "We have announced from the beginning that when the government takes office, the affairs will be pursued, and now that the government has taken office, affairs are being pursued through the foreign ministry".

"We adhere to what we have said," the President said, adding, "In the talks that took place a few days ago in Tehran with the representative of the European Union, they were told that the Islamic Republic of Iran is serious in this regard, but we must also see the seriousness in the other side as well".