Rouhani Questioned on JCPOA by Islamic Consultative Assembly (Excerpts)

August 28, 2018

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Speaking on Tuesday in a session at the Islamic Consultative Assembly to answer MPs’ questions, President Hassan Rouhani said: “Nobody, including the noble people of Iran, our friends and enemies around the world, must think that today is the start of a rift between the government and the parliament.”


“We have to tell the great people of Iran that we won’t let the United States’ plots to be successful. People of Iran! Be sure that we won’t let a bunch of anti-Iranians who have gathered today in the White House to hatch plots against us,” he continued.

The President also added: “The White House will not be happy after today’s session but they will be extremely sad, because today’s session will end in the highest unity between the parliament, the government and the judiciary, between the three branches and the armed forces under the supervision of the Supreme Leader”.

“We are neither afraid of the United States, not the problems,” said the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, adding: “We will overcome all these problems”.

Stating that the government was able to decrease smuggling from $25 billion to $12.5 billion in just over four years, he said: “Fighting smuggling is not merely what the government must do, but everyone must work together”.

On the continuation of banking sanctions against Iran despite implementation of the nuclear deal (JCPOA), he said: “JCPOA was to tell the world that our peaceful nuclear activities, -which some were saying was not peaceful, based on which they passed a lot of resolutions against Iran, saying that Iran’s nuclear programme is dangerous for world peace and security- did not pose any threat to peace and security”.

“JCPOA was struck so that the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) encourage all countries to help Iran instead of speaking about sanctions. Today, in spite of the past resolutions of the Security Council which used to consider Iran a threat to peace and security, Resolution 2231 indicates that Iran has the right to have nuclear activities and calls on the world to help Iran”.

In JCPOA, we had achievements that will be here forever, he said, adding: “JCPOA achievements are international, political and moral. We removed PMD. These are achievements that are there. We reduced sanctions that were saying that Iran has no right to sell and buy weapons to 5 years, 2.5 years of which has passed”.

He also said that the nuclear deal had benefits for the economy of the country, continuing: “If there was a doubt about this until yesterday, today, we have no doubt about these benefits. Today that foreign companies are leaving Iran, it means that they have come to Iran someday”.

“Sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear activities were removed after signing the nuclear deal and its implementation, but some sanctions are imposed by the US and some are related to the banking system. Despite these, we have relations with 300 banks,” continued Dr Rouhani.

The President also added: “Iran is a country against money laundering and terrorism and these are important for us. Therefore, your bills can help us a lot in banking relations”.

Regarding employment, the President said: “In employment, the report card of the 11th and 12thGovernments is excellent in a way that in a few countries can be found. In the past 5 years, net employment rate has been 2.7 million people and this a great honour for us”.

Posing the question of “What happened in a country where in its election time Trump travelled to the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia and people marked a point in history and inflicted a massive damage to Trump and the few small countries around him? Why things changed suddenly?” he said: “The December protests created the greed in Trump to announce that ‘I will pull out of the deal, unless Europe and others accompany me regarding the situation in the region and missile issues, and if they don’t accompany me, I will withdraw from it one-sidedly”.