Foreign Politician's Wonder at Seeing the Reverse Impact of Sanctions on Iran

March 3, 2020

Well-intentioned personalities have said many times and I myself have stressed that sanctions are to the advantage of the country in many cases. They are to the advantage of the Iranian nation. This has been mentioned by well-intentioned, enthusiastic and well-informed personalities. Of course, sanctions create certain problems. Imposing sanctions on banking transactions, on oil and on other areas might create certain problems, but they are eventually to the advantage of the country. One of the officials of the country quoted a foreign politician – they had gathered together in a meeting - as saying, “During the time of sanctions, you have managed to build so many modern weapons. You have many capabilities. Despite the sanctions, you have accomplished these great feats. What would happen if the sanctions were not imposed?” and our official responded, “If they had not imposed sanctions on us, none of these tasks would have been carried out” [Supreme Leader and audience laugh]! He was right. Sanctions help us rely on ourselves so that we pursue production and satisfy our needs from the inside. They help us identify our capabilities.