The Youth Can Bring about a Major Evolution in the Country’s Management System (Excerpts)

May 22, 2019

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The Leader of the Revolution addressed another question raised by a student on the ratification of the JCPOA by the Leader by rejecting any direct involvement and maintained: It was said during the talks that the ratification of the JCPOA has been attributed to the Leader. You can see and hear and can observe everything.

His Eminence further added: Read the letter regarding the JCPOA and the conditions set for its ratification. But if these conditions were not met, the Leader is not in charge of intervention.

Ayatollah Khamenei stressed that the role of the Supreme Leader does not include intervention in executive affairs unless the entirety of the Islamic Revolution is at risk, asserting: I believe that the Leader should not meddle in executive affairs unless there is a risk that the entirety of Revolution's movement is endangered.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution reminded his audience that His Eminence did not approve of the JCPOA but allowed for the negotiations and held: But the way the JCPOA was handled, I did not really believe in it, and mentioned this to the president and the foreign minister and had warned them several times.