Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Anti-Iran Allegations Childish Scenario to Acquit Yemen’s Aggressors

February 20, 2018

Weapon Program: 

  • Missile

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has dismissed as an amateurish scenario the claims made aboutIran’s supply of missiles to Yemen.

In a Tuesday statement, Qassemi reffered to the concerns expressed by the British and French foreign ministers over Iran’s missile program as ‘baseless’ allegations that lack any logical justification.

“As repeatedly announced, based on our military doctrine and invaluable experiences gained from the eight-year imposed war on defenceless people of Iran as well as the generous support given by certain states to the then violent dictator of Iraq during the war, the Islamic Republic of Iran has developed its missile program as a preemptive measure and deterrent against another aggression by the expansionist powers.”

In pursuit of its defence program, which is completely consistent with the international law, ‘Iran does not accept any foreign meddling [in its internal affairs], deems such stances [towards its missile program] as unprincipled, irresponsible and ambiguous’, and vehemently condemns them. 

The spokesman also refuted any accusation that Iran sends missile to Yemen. “We have already responded to this false, baseless and unsubstantiated claim many times. We have to emphasize that Yemeni army and popular committees don’t need foreign weaponry aid.”

Qassemi said Yemeni people’s defence of their country’s dignityand sovereignty using minimum facilities is the main cause ofthe failure and defeat of the aggressive powers’ attack on the country. 

“All states, including the aggressors, know this fact very well that despite the tight blockade imposed on Yemeni people who are suffering from famine and severe livelihood as well as many chronic diseases, they have resisted fiercely to the airstrikes conducted by Saudi Arabia’s warplanes on a daily basis even though they are even deprived even from basic needs and medicines,” he added. 

Qassemi underlined that amid such a situation, the claim that Iran is sending missiles to Yemen is ‘a childish, naïve and false scenario which cannot contribute at all to efforts to acquit the aggressors of the country.’

The spokesman then called for an immediate halt to the armssale by the US and European countries to Saudi Arabia and other aggressive and war-mongering states in the region, saying they use the weapons to kill tens of defenceless men, women and children in Yemen on a daily basis who are suffering from a growing poverty and insecurity day by day.