PM Bennett and German Chancellor Merkel hold joint press conference 10/10/2021 (Excerpts)

October 10, 2021

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Related Country: 

  • Israel
  • Germany


Bennet: “We are investing in ourselves, but our enemies, especially Iran, are obsessed with us and are prepared to pay very high prices, to cause genuine suffering to their people, in order to confront us with an existential threat.

“Madam Chancellor, the Iranian nuclear program has reached a stage that requires leadership. Acceptance of Iran becoming a nuclear threshold state will be a moral stain on the free world and – even more so – will threaten world peace.

“We see how the Iranians are acting at the moment, without a nuclear umbrella, in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen, Gaza and the Gulf.

“One can only imagine the extent of the damage they would cause if the world knew that behind this bullying there was also a nuclear weapon. There is no point in trying to appease the Iranians; they interpret conciliation as a weakness. They continue to thrive in the international community, playing for time while constantly advancing uranium enrichment and destabilizing the region. This is a critical point, and Germany's position is particularly important.

“We in Israel are engaged in actions and are countering Iran at all levels, including daily containment of their attempts to flood our region with weapons."