Prime Minister Netanyahu Meets With US Secretary of State John Kerry (Excerpts)

November 6, 2013

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

Prime Minister Netanyahu: Good morning.

It's my pleasure to welcome my friend John Kerry to Jerusalem. We have two big items on the agenda. The first is Iran. We just marked the event 34 years ago when the American embassy was seized and we heard the chants "death to America." We heard that two days ago again in Tehran, and this is, I believe, the true face of this regime or the person who controls this regime, the so-called "Supreme Leader."

I think that this attitude, which is buttressed by a policy of terror worldwide, supporting Hezbollah, Hamas and all the forces that are against peace, participating in the mass murder in Syria, I think such a regime must not have the world's most dangerous weapons. We've spoken about it a million times, and I believe that as long as they continue their goal to enrich uranium, to get nuclear weapons, the pressure should be maintained and even increased because they're increasing enrichment, and I believe that it's possible with intense pressure because of the sanctions regime led in large part by the United States to get Iran to fully dismantle its nuclear weapons program, and that's really what we're seeking.

A full, peaceful, complete dismantling of Iran's nuclear weapons capability, end of all enrichment, end of all centrifuges, end of the plutonium reactor. If this is achieved, I'd welcome it. I'd be very worried with any partial deals that enable Iran to maintain those capabilities but begin to reduce sanctions because I think this could undermine the longevity and durability of the sanctions regime.


Secretary Kerry: Well, Prime Minister, thank you very much, thank you, Bibi, for again making time and being here to be part of this really critical process.


This is a moment where there are many issues of great consequence on the table. As I sit here, a team is arriving in Geneva and they will be negotiating tomorrow at the P5+1 on Iran, on the very topic that Bibi just raised. Our goal is an Iran that has only a peaceful nuclear program, and indeed we must make certain, it is incumbent on us, a responsibility of the world, to know with certainty that it is a peaceful program and there is no capacity to produce a weapon of mass destruction. That's our goal. And as I have said many times, no deal is better than a bad deal. We will not make a bad deal, if a deal can be made at all, and we will be pursuing that carefully.