Prime Minister Netanyahu's Speech at AIPAC Policy Conference 2016 (Excerpts)

March 22, 2016


And I want to thank today the leadership of AIPAC and each and every one of you. I thank you for the tremendous support you've provided Israel over so many years. I thank you for the clear and unequivocal stand you took last year during the nuclear Iran deal debate, a debate critical for Israel's security. And that debate, though intense, did not undermine the unbreakable alliance between Israel and the United States.


Ladies and gentlemen,
I am confident that over time the trend of embracing Israel will overcome the trend of maligning Israel, because ultimately freedom beats tyranny, and ultimately, when vigorously defended, truth beats lies. So I believe that Israel faces a future of promise. I believe that when we stand together, all of us, we can overcome all the challenges facing us.
And of these challenges, none is greater than Iran's unrelenting aggression.Iran remains fully committed to genocide – our genocide.  Its leaders loudly, openly, even proudly, they say and proclaim that their goal is to destroy Israel. Iran sends deadly weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon against us.  It bankrolls Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza against us.It seeks to open a new terror front on the Golan against us. And it offers thousands of dollars for each Palestinian terror attacks against us.
So here's what I believe: I believe that both those who supported the nuclear deal and those who opposed it can, at the very least, work together to stop Iran's aggression and terror and hold Iran accountable for its transgressions.
Since the nuclear deal, Iran has continued to conduct ballistic missile tests, in defiance of its international obligations. As you've heard, Iran recently fired a ballistic missile with a Hebrew inscription painted on it. It said, 'Israel must be wiped out'. So ladies and gentlemen, the writing is not on the wall; it's on the missile.  
Now my friends, an arrow just like this was shot by a Roman soldier at Yodfat. He was fighting to end Jewish independence once and for all. But imperial Rome is long gone and I am speaking to you today from our capital, Jerusalem, as the Prime Minister of the reborn Jewish state.We have restored our independence.  We have restored our capacity to defend ourselves. Iran should learn this history and it should have no illusions.Israel will defend itself mightily against all those who seek to destroy us.  And Iran should remember that today it's not only the enemies of the Jewish people who have arrows. Today, the Jewish state can defend itself with powerful arrows of our own. Take a look.

The Arrow missile defense system is the product of Americans and Israelis working together. So I want to say again to all of you: Thank you America. Thank you AIPAC. Thank you for helping secure our common future, and a happy Purim to all of you. Thank you.