Coalition Press Conference: Findings on Houthi Ballistic Missile Attacks on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

March 26, 2018

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On Monday, March 26, 2018, the Coalition Forces to Support the Legitimacy in Yemen Spokesperson, Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, spoke at a press conference in Riyadh, where he addressed the ballistic missiles Houthi ballistic missile attack targeting the Kingdom. Colonel Al-Maliki explained Iran’s support to the Houthi militias, including supplying them with ballistic missiles. Colonel Al-Maliki expressed the Coalition’s commitment to protecting its people and national sovereignty, and addressed the need for the global community to stand firm against these violations, condemning the missile attack against the Kingdom and the Iranian regime support to the Houthi militias and their terrorist activities in Yemen.

Houthi militias’ continued assault on civilian targets in the Kingdom:

  • The Houthis are flagrantly violating International Law by firing missiles at civilian areas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The Houthis have launched seven ballistic missiles from within Yemen towards the Kingdom’s territory, bringing the total of missiles launched at Saudi Arabia to 104 missiles.
  • The Coalition's Air Defense Forces intercepted these missiles, which had targeted civilian areas in 4 cities in Saudi Arabia. The cities are Riyadh (3 missiles), Khamis Mushait (1 missile), Najran (1 missile), and Jazan (2 missiles).
  • The trajectory of these missiles reflect that they were launched indiscriminately to target civilian population centers.
  • 78 % of the missiles launched towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia comes from Sa'ada and from north of the Amran governorate.
  • The Houthis are using Sana'a airport for training their militias and for launching Iranian made “Siyad”-type missiles. 
  • Ports under control of the Houthis are entry points for smuggled missiles into Yemen; Hodeidah Port is being used for such smuggling. 

Iran’s role in supporting the Houthis is clear:

  • The continuation of Iranian supply of ballistic missiles to the Houthis is a dangerous violation of UN resolutions which threatens peace and stability in the region.
  • The ballistic missile that targeted Riyadh yesterday was an Iranian "Qiyam" missile. Fragments from the missile and analysis of its technical components prove that it was sourced from Iran.
  • The Coalition has intercepted an Iranian-made “Siyad”-type missile which was being smuggled to Yemen (on display at the press conference)
  • Last January, the UN Panel of Experts on Yemen issued a report detailing evidence of the supply of arms manufactured in, or emanating from, Iran after the establishment of the arms embargo on 14 April, 2015. Evidence is particularly abundant in the area of ballistic missile technology and unmanned aerial vehicles. This constitutes an Iranian violation of UN Security Council resolutions 2231 and 2216.

The Coalition calls on the international community to condemn these missile attacks on the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are in violation of UN resolutions. Nine residential neighborhoods in the Kingdom were affected by the missiles. Yemen continues to suffer as a result of the destabilizing activities and aggression by Iran and their Houthi proxy. The UN Security Council must hold Iran accountable for violating International Law.

Members of the Coalition have the right to the legitimate defense of their territory. Yemen has suffered from Iran’s interference and its support for the Houthi coup. The Coalition will continue to back Yemen’s legitimate government until the country becomes stable, and will continue to take measures to ensure the security and stability of the vital waterways in the region. The Coalition supports all efforts to reach a political solution in Yemen. 


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