Iran List

WMD End-Use Control: Licence Applications for Iran
October 31, 2015

Background Notes:

This list is compiled and published by the Export Control Organisation (ECO), identifying certain entities, companies and organisations in Iran.

It is intended to help traders judge which of their exports might potentially be of concern on end- use grounds, based on the ECO’s previous decisions regarding exports, or proposed exports, to each entity, company or organisation.

This information may be factored into business planning, to help traders make informed decisions on whether or not to contact the ECO and apply for a licence for specific exports.

The list may be amended from time to time and should be checked regularly if you are planning business with Iran. Also, on 21 November 2011, the Chancellor announced a significant tightening of UK financial sanctions on Iran. Traders should consult HM Treasury regarding financial restrictions.

Please note the following important points in relation to the information given in the list:

1. Further details about the military and weapons of mass destruction (WMD) end-use controls, details of current sanctions and arms embargo in place on Iran and other practical guidance for businesses about export controls on military and dual-use goods is available from the Export Control Organisation website.

2. The entities included on the list are mainly based on the ECO experience of either invoking the WMD end-use control or refusing licences due to unacceptable risks of diversion to a WMD programme of concern.

3. Entities and organisations are also included where they have been named in licence applications that have been refused in line with the provisions of Council Regulation (EU) 961/2010 of 25 October 2010, or in line with the United Kingdom written ministerial statement issued on 9 November 2010.

4. In addition, there are other entities included in the list, for whom we may not have received applications or enquiries in which to invoke the End-Use Controls or refuse a licences, but for whom there is publicly available information indicating their involvement in WMD programmes of concern.

5. Article 6 of the Export Control Order 2008 concerns persons having grounds for suspecting that an export is or may be intended for WMD purposes.

6. Inclusion of an entity on the BIS Iran List does not necessarily indicate that an export licence would be refused. Conversely non-inclusion of an entity on the list does not necessarily mean that ECO would have no end-use concerns with exports to that entity.

7. Checking against the list cannot ever be regarded as a substitute for a case-by-case assessment by the ECO in a licence application, including identifying the items to be exported, end-user undertaking, entities involved and other circumstances and information available at the time of application.

8. Entities on the list may give cause for concern whatever their involvement in an export transaction may be. This includes being end-users, consignees and third parties.

9. You can find further details about making export and trade licence applications and ECO advisory services on the GOV.UK website.

10.The inclusion of an entity on the list does not constitute an exporter being “informed” under Article 4 of Council Regulation (EC) No 428/2009 (end-use controls).Therefore, inclusion on the list does not indicate that a licence must always be applied for under the WMD end-use control, for exports to that entity, company or organisation.

11.Publication of this list in no way invalidates any existing licences that specifically permit an export to an entity on the list.

12.The BIS Iran List includes but is not routinely updated with all sanctioned Iranian entities. You should refer to the guidance and consolidated list on published by HM Treasury concerning asset freezing and entities subject to financial sanctions on Iran.


The latest changes are marked ** (October 2015).
x Indicates Licences granted as well as refused

Name of Entity, Company, or Organisation

7th of TIR Industrial Complex

Abadan Oil Refining Company

Abadan Petrochemical Company *

Aban Air Cooler Company

Abfa Markazi Water Treatment Company

Abgin Pakdasht

Abzar Boresh Kaveh Co aka BK co

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

Aerospace Industries Organisation

Afran Sakht Co aka Afrand Sakht

Afza Kimiya Co

Ahwaz Electric Power Generation Company

Alborz Cable Factory

Alifard Company

Alp Company (PJS)

Alpha Khodro Company

AMA Industrial Company

Amin Industrial Complex

Amir Hossein Gharafi Taheri

Amir Kabir Petrochemical Company x

Amir Kabir University of Technology x

Ammunition and Metallurgy Industries Group aka Ammunition Industries Group

Amozeh Va Tahgiaghati (ERI/MAVT Co)

Andisheye Noo Ghoreyshi

Arak Petrochemical Co x

Ardakan Glass

Arfa Paint Company

Arfeh Company

Aria Gene Company

Aria Nikan Tehran

Arian Bank (a.k.a. Aryan Bank), Afghanistan

Armament Industries

Armed Forces Geographical Organisation

Arvandan Oil and Gas Company

Arya Niroo Nik

Arya Sasol Polymer Co

Aryapartogamma Company Ltd

Aryogen Co. (added October 2013)x

Asia Juleh Company

Asia Pearlite Casting Industries Company

Assa Corporation, United States and Channel Islands

ATI Sanat Company

Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran

Azad University Bushehr Branch

Azad University Shahr E Ghods Branch

Azar Ab Ind Co aka Azarab Industries x

Azerbaijan Regional Electricity Company

Banco Internacional De Desarrollo CA, Venezuela

Bandar Abbas Oil Refining Company x

Bandar Imam Petrochemical

Bank Kargoshaee aka Kargosai Bank, aka Kargosa'i Bank

Bank Mellat including all branches and subsidiaries

Bank Mellat, Armenia

Bank Melli including all branches and subsidiaries

Bank Melli Iran Investment Company (BMIIC)

Bank Melli Printing And Publishing Company (BMPPC)

Bank Refah

Bank Saderat Iran including all branches and subsidiaries

Bank Sepah and Bank Sepah International

BankSaderat PLC (London) UK

Banque Sina

Bazargani Tejerat Tavanmad Saccal Companies

Behbood Sanat Apadana

Behin Farayand Sazan Pouya Corporation

Bina Corrosion Consultants

Borzouyeh Petrochemical Company x

Burgmann-Pars (Sealing System Company)

Bushehr Shipping Company Limited (Tehran)

Cement Investment and Development Company (CIDCO) (a.k.a.: Cement Industry Investment and Development Company, CIDCO, CIDCO Cement Holding)

Chaiforoush Trading

CIRL (Caspian Industrial Research Laboratory)

CISCO Shipping Company Ltd aka IRISL Korea Ltd, South Korea

Cruise Missile Industry Group aka Naval Defence Missile Industry Group

Damavand Power Generation Management

Damavand Power Generation Management Company - Parand Power Plant x

Darou Pakhsh Company x

Daru Shisheh (Dashco) x

Davar Moharek Company

Defence Industries Organisation

Defence Technology and Science Research Centre (DTSRC) aka Educational Research Institute/Moassese

Delijan Tube Rolling Company

Doostan International Company

EDBI Exchange Company

Eghlim Sanaate Sabz Co**

EDBI Stock Brokerage Company

Electric Power Research Centre, (Matn)

Electro Pezeshk Abzar

Electro Reseshk Abzar

Electro Sanam Company aka ES Co or EX Co

Energy Industries Engineering and Design x

Esfahan Chemical Industries

Esfahan Nuclear Fuel Research and Production Centre

Esfahan Nuclear Technology Centre

Esfahan Oil Refining Company x

Esfahan Refinery

Esfahan Steel Company aka ESCO

Eshteal Energy Engineering Company

ESNICO (Equipment Supplier for Nuclear Industries Corporation)

Etemad Amin Invest Co Mobin

Ettehad Technical Group

Export Development Bank of Iran (EDBI) including all branches and subsidiaries

Fajr Aviation Composite Industries

Fajr Industrial Group

Fajr Petrochemical x

Fan Pardazan Co

Fanavari Azmayeshgahi** x


Faranooran Research & Engineering Company Ltd

Farasakht Industries

Farasepehr Engineering Company

Farayand Technique

Far-E-Jam Gas Refining Company x

Fars Cement Co

Farsachimie Company x

Fater Institute aka Faater Institute

First East Export Bank, Malaysia

First Persian Equity Fund, Iran and Cayman Islands

Firuzkuh Cement Co

Fulmen Company

Fulmen Group

Future Bank BSC, Bahrain

Garagahe Sazandegi Ghaem

Geological Survey of Iran

Ghazvin Glass Company *

Ghorb Karbala

Ghorb Nooh

Golza Co. *

Government of Iran, Department of Defence

Hafize Darya Shipping Lines (HDSL) aka HDS Lines

Hanseatic Trade Trust & Shipping (HTTS) GmbH, Germany

Hara Company

Harris Co *(Harris Co is a company in Iran. It should not be confused with the US-based Harris Corporation.)

Havayar Company

Hormozgan Regional Electricity Company

Hosseini Nejad Trading Co.

IFP(Industrial Factories of Precision Machinery)

Imen Sazan Consultant Engineers

Imen Sepehr

Industrial Development & Renovation Organization (IDRO)

Infrared Technologists Co Ltd

International Mine & Industry Supporters Co. *

Iran Air x

Iran Aircraft Industries

Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company (HESA)

Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company aka HESA, HESA Trade Center, HTC, IAMCO, IAMI, Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries, Karkhanejate Sanaye Havapaymaie Iran, Hava Peyma Sazi-e Iran, Havapeyma Sazhran, Havapeyma Sazi Iran, Hevapeimasazi

Iran Alloy Steel Company

Iran Alumina Company x

Iran Aseman Airlines x

Iran Central Oil Fields Co

Iran Centrifuge Technology Company aka TSA or TESA

Iran Communications Industries I.C.I.

Iran Electronic Industries

Iran Gas Transmission Company

Iran Helicopter Support and Renewal

Iran Insurance Company aka Bimeh Iran

Iran Khodro Co

Iran Khodro Powertrain Company x

Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company aka IMPASCO

Iran Minerals Production and Supply Company - Tabas Coal Mine

Iran National Nanotechnology Council

Iran Offshore Oil Company (IOOC)

Iran Oil Pipeline and Telecommunications Company (IOPTC)

Iran Oil Terminals Company

Iran Oils Terminals Company

Iran Powder Metallurgy Complex

Iran Power Development Company

Iran Research Organisation for Science and Technology

Iran Saffron Company or Iransaffron Co.

Iran System Company

Iran Tablo Company

Iran Tire Manufacturing Company

Iran Tractor Manufacturing Company x

Iran Transfo Company

Iran Transfo Rey

Iranian Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO)

Iranian Gas Engineering and Development Company

Iranian Helicopter Company
Iranian Mineral Processing Research Centre x

Irano Hind Shipping Company

Irano Misr Shipping Company

IRGC Air Force

IRGC Qods Force

Irinvestship Ltd, UK

IRISL (Malta) Ltd, Malta

IRISL (UK) Ltd (Barking, Felixstowe), UK

IRISL Benelux, Belgium


IRISL Europe GmbH (Hamburg), Germany

IRISL Marine Services and Engineering Company

IRISL Multimodal Transport Company

IRITAL Shipping SRL, Italy

Irosco Controls and Engineering Ltd, Kish x

Isfahan Cement Co

Isfahan Optics

Isfahan University of Technology x

ISI Maritime Limited, Malta and Iran

Islamic Azad University Physics Research Centre x

Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force

Islamic Republic of Iran Ministry of Oil

Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines (IRSL) including all branches and subsidiaries

Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps(IRGC)

Jaber Ebne Hayyan Pharmaceutical Company

Jaber Ibn Hayan Research Laboratories

Jahad Engineering Research Centre

Jam Ara Co

Jam Petrochemical

Javedan Mehr Toos

Joza Industrial Co

Kala Naft

Kalaye Electric Co (aka Kala Electric )

Kanavaran Mining And Industrial Co

Karaj Nuclear Research Centre

Kardanane Shargh Co.x

Karoon Joint Venture Company

Karoon Petrochemical Company

Kaveh Cutting Tools Company

Kavoshyar Iran Co. x

Kavoush Joush Iran Co

Kayson Company

Kermanshah Oil Refinery

Khaje Nassir-Al-DeenToosi University x

Khatem-ol Anbiya Construction Organisation

Khazer Shipping Lines (Bandar Anzali)

Khorasan Metallurgy Industries

Khorasan Petrochemical Company x

Khorasan Petrochemical Company


Khouzestan Steel Co

Kish Khodro Co Automotive Manufacturing

Kish MediPham

Kondor Sant Partian

Kooshkan Transformer Company

Laksar Calibration Service Company

Leadmarine aka Asia Marine Network Pte Ltd aka IRISL Asia Pte Ltd, Singapore

M Babaie Industries

M/S Iran Electromotor

Machine Sazi Arak

Mahan Air x


Malek Ashtar University

Mapna Boiler Engineering

Mapna Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction Development (MD-2) Company

Mapna Combined Cycle Power Plants Construction Development Company

Mapna Electrical & Control Engineering

Mapna Europe GmbH (based in Dusseldorf, Germany)

Mapna Generator Company

Mapna Generator Engineering and Manufacturing Company (Pars)

Mapna Turbine Blade Company x

Mapna Turbine Blade Engineering and Manufacturing Company aka Parto aka TUGA x

Marble Shipping Limited, Malta

Marestan Company Ltd

Marine Industries

Marun Petrochemcial Company

MASNA (Moierat Saakht Niroogahye Atomi Iran) Managing Company for the Construction of Nuclear Power Plants

Mavadkaran Jahed Noavar Company

Mazandaran Cement Company

Mazandaran Textile Company

Mechanic Industries Group

Mehr Cayman Ltd, Cayman Islands

Mehr Engineering Company

Mehrabad industrial Company aka MIC aka Sanati Mehrabad

Mehrsa -Sanat

Melli Agrochemical Company PJS aka Melli Shimi Keshavarz

Melli Investment Holding International, Dubai

Mesbah Energy Co (Sahami Khase)

Mesbah Energy Company Qatran Project

Mesbar Kaveh Copper Ind. Company

Mileace (United Arab Emirates)

Mineral Engineering Research Centre

Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL)

Ministry of Defence Logistics Export (MODLEX)

Ministry of Jihad -e Agriculture Veterinary Organisation (IVO Laboratory at Golmakan)

Mizan Machine Manufacturing Group (3M)

Mobarakeh Steel Company x

Mobin Petrochemical Company x

Modern Industries Technique Company (MITEC)

Modex Elektromekanik (Turkey)

Mr Behzad Hadjian

Mr Mahmoud Mehdikani

Mr Mohammed Adjami

Naserin Vahid

Nasir Machine Engineering Corporation

National Iranian Copper Industries Company

National Iranian Drilling Company x

National Iranian Gas Company x

National Iranian Oil Co (NIOC) x

National Iranian South Oil Company x

National Petrochemical Company x

National Research Center For Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology x

NIORDC - Esfahan Oil Refining Company

Niru Battery Mfg. Co. x

Noavar Hava

North Khorasan Regional Water Authority

Nouavar Shad Company Ltd

Novin Energy Company aka Pars Novin

Nuclear Fuel Production and Procurement Company (NFPC)

Nuclear Research Centre For Agriculture And Medicine

Oasis Freight Agencies aka Pacific Shipping Company, Dubai and Sharjah

Oil Industries Engineering and Construction aka LG/OIEC/IOEC

Oil Turbo Compressor Gas Turbine Co

Oil Turbocompressor Engineering Company aka OTEC

Omid Sanat Company

Omran Sahel

Oriental Oil Kish

Pak Dairy Company

Palayesh Niroo aka Panir

Parchin Chemical Industries

Pars Aviation Services Company

Pars Oil & Gas Company x

Pars Oil & Gas Project (P.O.G.P.)

Pars Tableau aka Pars Tablo

Pars Trash Company

Parsian Gas Field Maintenance Office

Part Sazan Instruments Pouya

Parto Sanat Co

Pasargad Oil Company

Pasargad Steel Complex x

Passive Defense Organization

Pasteur Institute of Iran

Payzheh Services

Pejman Industrial Services Corporation

Persia International Bank, UK

Petrochemical Industry Development Management Pidm Co. x

Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (Petzone) x

Peymab Company

Pishgam (Pioneer) Energy Industries

Polyacryl Iran Corp.x

Post Bank

Pouya Aflak Sepher

Poyeshar Ltd

Qods Aeronautics Industries

RAD Electric Co Ltd

Rah Sahel

Rahab Engineering Institute


Razi Metallurgical Research Centre x

Razi Petrochemical Co

Research Institute of Nuclear Science & Technology aka Nuclear Science & Technology Research Institute

Research Institute of Petroleum Industry x

Rey Power Generation Management Company

Rolling Mill and Steel Production Company

Rural Water and Wastewater Company of Golestan Province

Saba Niroo

Saba Power and Electricity Industries

Sabalan Company

Sabine Sard Khazar Company

Safety Equipment Procurement

Safiran Payam Darya Shipping Lines (SAPID)

Sahaf Electrical Wire

Sahand Aluminium Parts Industrial Company (SAPICO)

Sahel Consultant Engineers

Sahid Mofateh Power Generation

Salamte Gharb Clinic

Samamicro Company

Saman Dehan Nou Andish Company

Sanam Industrial Group

Sanjesh Farayand Daghigh Co

Santexlines aka IRISL China Shipping Company Ltd, aka Yi Hang Shipping Company), China

SAZAND (added October 2013)

Schiller Novin

Scientific Medical Technology LLC

Sepanir Oil and Gas Energy Engineering Company aka Sepah Nir

Sepasad Engineering Company

Shahid Ahmad Kazemi Industrial Group

Shahid Bagheri Industries Group

Shahid Chamran University

Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group

Shahid Karrazi Industries

Shahid Sattari Industries

Shahid Sayyade Shirazi Industries

Shahid Tondgooyan Petrochemical Co

Shahid Tondgoyan Petrochemical Company *

Shahrekord Cement Industries

Shakhese Behbud Sanat

Sharif University of Technology x

Shayegan Rahavard

Sherkate Arka Fajr Aka Limited * x

Shetab G

Shetab Gaman

Shetab Trading

Shian Co

Shipping Computer Services Company (SCSCOL)

Shiraz Petrochemical Company x

Sho 'a' Aviation

Shomal Cement Company aka Siman Shomal

Soroush Saramin Asatir (SSA)

South Pars Gas Complex x

South Shipping Line

South Way Shipping Agency Co Ltd

Southern Zagros (or Zagrous or Zagross) Oil and Gas Production Company x

Special Industries Group

State Purchasing Organisation (SPO)

T.S.S. Co

Tabriz Oil Refining Co

Tabriz Petrochemical Co. aka Tabriz Petrochemical Commercial Co x

Tadjhizyaran Company

Taghtiran Kashan Co

Tajhiz Novin Tous

Takdaneh Factory

Talah Sanat

Tamas Company
Tammam Trading (United Arab Emirates)

Tara Zob Manufacturing Company

Tarbiat Modarress University x

Tavator Sepahan

Technica Inspection Group

Technology Cooperation Office (TCO) of the Iranian President's Office

Tehran Padena Company

Tehran SEI

Tehran Tammam Engineering Services aka Tammam Engineering

Tehran University x

Tima Kala Tehran Eng. Co. Ltd.

Tiz Pars

University College of Agricultural and Natural Resources, University of Tehran

Vakav Kimia Novin x

Valfajr 8th Shipping Line Co. aka Valfajr

West Azerbaijan Regional Water Authority

West Regional Electricity Company

Ya Mahdi Industries Group

YAS Co Ltd

Yasa Part, including all branches and subsidiaries

Yazd Metallurgy Industries

Zangan Iran Transfo Distribution aka Tozie Iran Transfo Zangan Company

Zanjan Cement Co