UK Targets Iran’s Ability to Launch Drones through New Round of Sanctions

The UK, US and Canada have announced coordinated sanctions on Iran following the regime’s attack on Israel on 13 April.
April 25, 2024

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  • UK joins the US and Canada in announcing latest sanctions against Iran, following the regime’s attack on Israel on 13 April. 

  • The designations target individuals and companies involved in Iranian drone industry, following last week’s military sanctions.

  • UK also announces plans for further trade sanctions against Iran, targeting additional specific components used in drone and missile production. 

The UK has today announced further sanctions targeting Iran’s drone and missile industries. 

The package, announced in coordination with the US and Canada, follows the regime’s attack on 13 April, in which over 300 drones and missiles were fired at Israel.  

It comes after an initial set of sanctions announced last Thursday (18 April) in reaction to Iran’s drone attacks on Israel the previous weekend.

The UK is today sanctioning a further two individuals and four companies which are closely involved in Iran’s network of drone production. 

In addition, the UK has also announced its plan to expand trade sanctions against the regime by introducing new bans on the export of components used in drone and missile production to Iran. These measures seek to deny Iran access to the components it needs to develop these weapons, limiting its military capabilities.  

Foreign Secretary, David Cameron said:      

The Iranian regime’s dangerous attack on Israel risked thousands of civilian casualties and wider escalation in the region. 

Today the UK and our partners have sent a clear message – we will hold those responsible for Iran’s destabilising behaviour to account. 

Alongside our partners, we will continue to tighten the net on Iran’s ability to develop and export these deadly weapons.

Today’s announcement follows the commitment set out at the G7 Foreign Ministers meeting last week to tackle Iran’s destabilising activity in the region.  

From today, Seyed Mohsen Vahabzadeh Moghadam and Abbas Abdi Asjerd are subject to a UK travel ban and asset freeze. 

Both Moghadam and Asjerd are directors of a network of Iranian companies involved in producing drones.  

They also have connections to Abdollah Mehrabi, head of the IRGC Aerospace Force SSJO, a key figure in Iran’s drone industry who was designated by the UK in 2022 for his role in supplying drones to Russia. 

The following companies, which make up this network, are also subject to an asset freeze:   

  • Bonyan Danesh Shargh 

  • Pishro Sanat Aseman Sharif Company 

  • Alvand Motorbuilding Industries Company 

  • Moj Gostar Aseman Parvaz Company  

The UK already has over 400 sanctions imposed on Iran, including designations against the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in its entirety and many of those responsible for the attack on Israel.  

The UK continues to expose those involved in the Iranian drones and missile production industries, having previously introduced trade measures prohibiting the export of specific components and services to Iran.   

The UK has previously designated a wide range of companies involved in production of Iranian drones, including the Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 drones – models which Iran has supplied to Russia. These types of drones were also used by Iran in its attack on Israel. 

Today’s designations have been made under the new Iran sanctions regime, which came into force in December 2023 and enables the UK to target Iran’s hostile behaviour.