H.R.3741 - Commission to Verify Iranian Nuclear Compliance Act

October 9, 2015

Introduced in House (10/09/2015)

Commission to Verify Iranian Nuclear Compliance Act

This bill establishes in the legislative branch the Commission to Verify Iranian Nuclear Compliance, which shall continually:

  • verify the Islamic Republic of Iran's compliance with its obligations under the agreement,
  • assess the adequacy of the safeguards and other control mechanisms contained in the agreement with respect to Iran's nuclear program, and
  • assess the capacity of the International Atomic Energy Agency to implement the verification regime required by or related to the agreement.

"Agreement" means an agreement related to Iran's nuclear program that includes the United States, commits the United States to take action, or pursuant to which the United States commits or otherwise agrees to take action, whether a political commitment or otherwise, and regardless of whether it is legally binding or not.


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