Cheney: By Ending Civilian Nuclear Waivers, The Trump Administration Has Taken Another Step To Dismantle The Disastrous Iran Nuclear Deal

May 28, 2020

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  • Nuclear

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  • United States

Washington – Wyoming Congresswoman and House GOP Conference Chair Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) released the following statement after the Trump Administration announced it would end the civilian nuclear waivers for Iran:

“I applaud the Trump Administration for taking another critical step toward permanently dismantling President Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal by ending ‘civil nuclear’ waivers for Iran. These sanctions waivers legitimized Tehran’s illicit nuclear infrastructure even amid the regime’s long-running lies about its nuclear activities and its recent malign nuclear escalations. Revoking these waivers is key to the President’s maximum pressure campaign, as is invoking the snapback of United Nations sanctions against this rogue regime—a step I encourage the Administration to take.”


In July of 2019, Rep. Cheney led 50 members of Congress in sending a letter to President Trump requesting that he cancel the civil nuclear waivers.

In November of 2019, Rep. Cheney introduced legislation in the House of Representatives that would dismantle the civil nuclear waiver provisions.