2017 IAEA General Conference Remarks as Prepared for Delivery Secretary Rick Perry (Excerpts)

September 18, 2017

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Thank you.

To begin, I would like to share a message from President Trump:

I extend my greetings to the delegates of the 61st International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) General Conference.

For the past six decades, the IAEA member states have made great strides in promoting the peaceful use of nuclear technology and developing nonproliferation norms. Strong partnerships between our nations and respect for these norms continue to be vital to achieving our shared goals of harnessing nuclear energy and ensuring a more peaceful world. The United States remains committed to working closely with the IAEA in establishing nuclear security guidelines, preventing the loss or theft of nuclear materials, and putting an end to the threat of nuclear terrorism— one of the greatest challenges to international security.

The IAEA serves a critical role in monitoring nuclear programs around the world. The United States supports these efforts and strongly encourages the IAEA to exercise its full authorities to verify Iran’s adherence to each and every nuclear-related commitment under the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. We will not accept a weakly enforced or inadequately monitored deal. 


Together, the IAEA member states can work together to build a world safe from nuclear threats and free to pursue the peaceful use of nuclear technology. On behalf of the American people, I wish all those gathered the best for a successful conference. 


I am honored to lead the U.S. delegation to the 61st IAEA General Conference.

It is a great privilege to address the plenary today, and I would like to highlight that a full-length U.S. national statement will be available on the website of the U.S. Mission to International Organizations in Vienna.

The IAEA was established 60 years ago to accelerate the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health, and prosperity...

...while supporting global efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. Six decades later, the responsibility to guard against the malicious use atomic energy is no less urgent.

Safeguards, a fundamental element of nonproliferation, are essential to achieving the “fullest possible exchange” of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Among its many other safeguards responsibilities, the IAEA is entrusted with monitoring Iran’s nuclear program.

It is imperative that the IAEA exercise its full authority in this area and verify Iran’s adherence to all of its Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action nuclear commitments. The United States is committed to providing resources to support this mission. 


Compliance with nonproliferation obligations is essential... 

...as is strengthened verification, including implementation of safeguards at the state-level to assure the absence of undeclared nuclear activities.  >