Amended Information, United States of America v. Helmut Oertmann and Hetran Inc.

May 21, 2014

Related Country: 

  • United Arab Emirates
  • India
  • Germany

1. The defendant Hetran, Inc. ("Hetran") was an engineering and manufacturing firm, a New York corporation located in Orwigsburg, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania and within the Middle District of Pennsylvania.

2. Hetran manufactured, among other things, a horizontal lathe, also described as a bar peeling machine ("peeler"), valued at more than $800,000 and weighing in excess of 50,000 pounds. A horizontal lathe, or peeling machine, is used in the production of high grade steel or "bright steel," a product used in the manufacture of equipment and aircraft, among other things.

3. The defendant Helmut Oertmann was the Chief Executive Officer of Hetran.


9. The Iranian Transactions Regulations prohibited, among other things, the export, sale, or supply, directly or indirectly, of any goods, technology, or services from the United States or by a United States person, wherever located, to Iran or the Government of Iran, without prior authorization or license from the United States Department of the Treasury, through the Office of Foreign Assets Control. These regulations further prohibited any transactions that evaded or avoided, or had the purpose of evading or avoiding, any of the prohibitions contained in the Iranian Transactions Regulations, including the unauthorized exportation of goods from the United States to a third country if the goods are intended or destined for Iran.


14. On or about June 17, 2012, the defendants Hetran and its officers, employees and representatives, including but not limited to Helmut Oertmann, Unindicted Co-conspirator #1, Unindicted Co-conspirator #2 and Unindicted Co-conspirator #3, in concert with their Iranian co-conspirators, caused the peeling machine to be shipped from the Middle District of Pennsylvania to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, well knowing that the ultimate destination of the peeler was Iran, in violation of the laws of the United States. In order to effect this illegal agreement, the defendants and coconspirators knowingly misidentified the ultimate destination of the peeler as Dubai.