Secretary Michael R. Pompeo with Bob Cusack (Excerpts)

July 15, 2020

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QUESTION: On Iran, you have been very critical of Iran.  Is Russia on our side on Iran?  I know that you are pushing for more sanctions.

SECRETARY POMPEO: Well, every nation including Russia signed off on UN Security Council Resolution 2231 which imposed an arms embargo that denies Iran the capacity to sell or buy weapons systems.  On October 18th, because of mistakes made by the previous administration entering into the nuttiest agreement that I’ve seen, allows now after just five years the world’s largest state sponsor of terror to begin to freely engage in arms trade around the world, and become not only the largest state sponsor of terror but one of the largest arms dealers purchasing Chinese and Russian weapon systems.

We’re working and, we hope, alongside the Russians to ensure that that can’t happen.  Now, Russia has a very different set of views with respect to Iran.  They are working alongside of them in Syria against the interests of the Syrian people, and we regret that Russia has made that decision.  We’ve had millions and millions of displaced people from Syria, enormous starvation.  The United States is the largest contributor to the humanitarian relief effort inside of Syria, and Russia sadly is working against those interests and alongside the interest of the Islamic Republic of Iran.