State Department Spokesperson Elizabeth Trudeau Comments on Execution of Iranian Nuclear Scientist Shahram Amiri (Excerpts)

August 8, 2016


QUESTION: -- you probably will have seen that the Iranians yesterday confirmed the execution of this nuclear scientist who had come to the U.S. and then left. Given the fact that he was here and that you all spoke about it at the time that he returned to Iran, I’m wondering if you have any thoughts about this, if you’re trying to track it any more closely than you would another case.

MS TRUDEAU: Well, what I’d say is, of course, we’ve seen those reports. We reaffirm our calls on Iran to respect and protect human rights, to ensure fair and transparent judicial proceedings in all cases. We have consistently and publicly expressed our concerns about Iran’s human rights record through a range of channels. As you know, we include a large number of Iranian cases in our annual Human Rights Report, in our International Religious Freedom Report. We also partner with other countries to discuss this in the UN General Assembly and the UN Human Rights Council.

QUESTION: So the way you’re – the way that the Administration is looking at it then is as – is as a case, just a human rights – potential human rights violation case, not anything special because of his --

MS TRUDEAU: Correct.

QUESTION: -- his past? Okay.

QUESTION: And do you believe that he did not receive due process?

MS TRUDEAU: What I would say is that we’ve raised our concerns on that. I’m not going to speak specifically about this case. As Matt indicated, we were very public about this case when he chose to return to Iran. I’m just going to let our comments --

QUESTION: But why – I mean, you’re talking generally about concerns about due process, but we’re asking about a specific individual. Do you think he got due process or not?

MS TRUDEAU: Yeah, I couldn’t speak to Iranian judicial procedures related to this specific case. When this individual chose to return to Iran, we obviously spoke about it then. As I said, we’ve made our concerns known writ large around Iranian due process, around Iranian respect for human rights.