The United States’ Commitment to Countering Iranian Weapons Development and Proliferation

October 18, 2023

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Iran’s development, procurement, and proliferation of missiles and missile-related technology remains one of the greatest challenges to international peace and security. We see the horrific impact of Iran’s provision of missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to designated terrorist organizations and militant proxies that directly threaten the security of Israel and our Gulf partners. We see the destructive result of Iran’s transfer of lethal UAVs to Russia to target critical civilian infrastructure and kill civilians in Ukraine. We remain focused on addressing Iran’s destabilizing proliferation activities, in particular its missile and UAV programs and the threats they pose to the world.

Today, as the United Nations’ restrictions on Iran’s missile-related activities under UN Security Council Resolution 2231 expire, the United States reaffirms our commitment to utilize every tool at our disposal to counter Iran’s development, procurement, and proliferation of missiles, UAVs, and other dangerous weapons. Such tools include but are not limited to sanctions, export controls, diplomatic engagement, cooperation with private industry, and interdictions as appropriate and provided by law. We and our partners will also continue to raise our concerns at the United Nations and demand that Iran be held accountable for the destabilizing impacts of its proliferation.

As part of our longstanding efforts to counter Iran’s missile-related activities and other destabilizing conduct, the United States is taking a number of new actions today. While the United States has already sanctioned all possible entities and individuals contained within Security Council Resolution 2231, today we are announcing additional designations on individuals and entities related to Iran’s missile, conventional arms, and UAV activities, including such activities involving Russia, the People’s Republic of China, Venezuela, and elsewhere. In coordination with the Departments of Commerce, Justice, and the Treasury, we are additionally issuing new public guidance to private industry regarding Iranian missile procurement and related U.S. sanctions and export restrictions.

We are joined today by a broad grouping of 47 countries in the Proliferation Security Initiative in expressing our shared commitment to taking all necessary measures to prevent the supply, sale, or transfer of ballistic missile-related items, materials, equipment, goods, and technology by Iran. Further, we fully support the decision made by the European Union to retain nuclear, conventional arms, and missile-related restrictions on Iran.

The United States has worked to disrupt Iran’s missile program since long before the UN Security Council imposed restrictions on it. We will continue to do so, using every tool at our disposal, so long as Iran poses a threat to security and stability in the Middle East region and around the world.