Guidance Relating to the Lifting of Certain U.S. Sanctions Pursuant to the JCPOA on Implementation Day

January 16, 2016

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

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This guidance document is organized into seven sections. Section I contains introductory notes regarding the sanctions lifting under the JCPOA. Section II reviews the various nuclear - related secondary sanctions that w ere lifted on Implementation Day, explains how those sanctions were lifted, and describes the effect of the sanctions lifting. Section III addresses the sanctions list removals that occurred on Implementation Day, and what it means for parties engaging in transactions or activities with individuals and entities that were removed from the relevant sanctions lists. Section IV describes other U.S. commitments under the JCPOA, including commitments with respect to (i) exports of commercial passenger aircraft and related parts and services for commercial passenger aviation, (ii) the ability of U.S. - owned or - controlled foreign entities to engage in activities that are consistent with the JCPOA and U.S. law, and (iii) import s of Iranian - origin carpets and foodstuffs into the United States. Section V addresses the U.S. commitment to terminate four E .O.s and part of a fifth. Section VI provides an overview of the waiver determinations and findings with respect to certain statu tory sanctions issued to implement U.S. Implementation Day sanctions commitments under the JCPOA. Finally, Section VII provides a list of key legal authorities that are outside the scope of the JCPOA and that remain in place after Implementation Day.

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