President Donald J. Trump Is Cutting Off Funds the Iranian Regime Uses to Support Its Destructive Activities around the World

May 8, 2019

ONE YEAR LATER: One year after withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, President Donald J. Trump continues to hold the Iranian regime accountable for its malign activity.

  • One year ago, President Trump withdrew from the fatally flawed, one-sided Iran deal and began the process of reimposing sanctions on the terror-sponsoring regime.
  • Today, President Trump is imposing additional sanctions on Iran’s metal sectors.
    • These sanctions are being imposed on Iran’s iron, steel, aluminum, and copper sectors.
    • With this action, the United States has now imposed sanctions on Iran’s top three exports – oil, petrochemicals, and metals.
  • The Administration is imposing tougher sanctions on Iran than ever before because the regime continues to engage in destructive and destabilizing activities.
    • The regime has maintained its nuclear ambitions and continues to develop its ballistic missile capabilities and support terrorism.
  • The United States will aggressively enforce its sanctions, and those who continue to engage in sanctionable activity involving Iran will face severe consequences.

WORST DEAL EVER NEGOTIATED: The Iran deal was a disastrous one-sided deal that failed to end Iran’s nuclear program and the full range of the regime’s malign activity.

  • President Trump withdrew from the Iran deal because it failed to protect American national security interests and enabled Tehran’s malign behavior.
  • The Iran deal left Iran with future pathways to pursue nuclear weapons.
    • The regime was allowed to preserve its nuclear infrastructure, keep enriching uranium, and continue research and development.
    • The deal included incomplete mechanisms for inspections and verification.
    • The extensive nuclear archive exposed by Israel proves Tehran pursued nuclear weapons and secretly preserved its blueprints and database to do so.
  • The deal failed to address Iran’s wide range of malign activities, including its global terrorist campaign, unjust detention of Americans, ballistic missile development, and more.
  • The regime received an influx of cash because of sanctions relief that it has used to engage in and support terrorism and to destabilize the Middle East.

MAXIMUM PRESSURE CAMPAIGN: President Trump launched a strategy to address the totality of Iran’s malign activities and ensure Iran is never allowed to develop nuclear weapons.

President Trump reimposed the nuclear-related sanctions that were lifted under the deal.

  • The President reimposed sanctions on Iran’s energy, shipping, and financial sectors.
  • President Trump ended prior significant reduction exceptions to oil sanctions on Iran, aiming to bring Iran’s oil exports to zero and deny the regime its principal revenue source.
  • The Administration designated Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, further targeting resources it uses for its global terror campaign.
  • This maximum pressure campaign is working, having already denied the regime direct access to more than $10 billion in oil revenue since May 2018.
  • The Trump Administration will continue to apply maximum pressure on the Iranian regime until its leaders change their destructive behavior and return to the negotiating table.