Press Gaggle by Deputy Press Secretary Hogan Gidley (Excerpts)

August 1, 2018

Weapon Program: 

  • Nuclear

MR. GIDLEY:  Thanks, everybody.  I want to start with a statement on the plastic gun issue.  The President is committed to the safety and security of all Americans and considers this his highest responsibility.  In the United States, it’s currently illegal to own or make a wholly plastic gun of any kind, including those made on a 3D printer.  The administration supports this nearly two-decade-old law, and will continue to look at all options available to us to do what is necessary to protect Americans while also supporting the First and Second Amendments.

With that, I’ll open it up for questions.


Q    Any lines of communication open with Iran since yesterday?  Any — is the President still willing to meet with the Iranian leader, no preconditions?

MR. GIDLEY:  That’s not changed.  But he’s been clear on what he wants from Iran, and that is to end its destabilization efforts, its actions of being the world’s largest state sponsor of terror.  And he’s been tough on Iran for that very reason.  He got out of the Iran Deal, which, as we all now see, wasn’t actually preventing a pathway for Iran to get a nuclear weapon, but instead was paving it.

He joined with some of our partners and allies for a targeted strike against Syria, which is one of Iran’s allies as well.  We’ve ramped up sanctions on Iran, and we’ve bolstered some of our partnerships to try and put more pressure on Iran.

So this continues.  But as he said yesterday in the bilateral press conference, that he does want to meet, he wants to come to a solution.  And when we have an announcement, we’ll let you know.